Country Summary:

Board Members Marta Cumbi
Staff Members Alice Banze, Cesar Neves, Raul Manhisse, Catarina Madade, Graça Maria, Issumalgy Assane, Joaquim Chambule
When registered 2011
Alliance focal network Mozambique – Forum Mulher Angola – Plataforma Mulher em Acção
Government COEs 20 View the Centres of Excellence
Media COEs 12 See GL in News
Key partners Ministry of Gender, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of State Administration, Ministry of Health, National Municipality Association, Forum Mulher, Plataforma Mulher em Acção, Mozambican Parliament, WLSA, Oxfam, MASC, DIALOGO, Local women’s Associations, Diakonia, We-Effect, COEs Local Government, Entrepreneurship Councils, Media Houses

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Mozambique Strategy 2016 – 2020 

Mozambique Gender Summit 2013 Climate change

Name Title / Institution Presentation Argentina Macovele Conselho Municipal da Cidade de Xai-Xai Download Juvêncio Frei Ambrósio SDPI – Namaacha Download Olga Paulina Francisco Muthambe HIKONE MOCAMBIQUE Download Rita Bento Muianga Conselho Municipal da Cidade de Xai-Xai Download Virginia Arraz e Maria Villa Redesma África Download  

April 22, 2013 Themes: Climate change

Mozambique Gender Summit 2013 Education

Name Title / Institution Presentation Flaida Macheze União Nacional De Camponeses Download Percina Meque Elevação de consciÁŠncia das mulheres Download Tombi Betty Associação Moçambicana para o Desenvolvimento Rural Download  

April 22, 2013 Themes: Economics | Education

Mozambique Gender Summit 2013 Constitutional rights

Name Title / Institution Presentation Elinieta Zacarias Lipangue AMOPROC Download Júlia Wachave Associação Moçambicana de Mulheres de carreira JurÁ­dica Download  

April 22, 2013 Themes: Constitutional and legal rights

Mozambique Gender Summit 2013 Leadership

Name Title / Institution Presentation Gloria Titos Monjane MunicÁ­pio de mandlakazii Download Milagrosa Chianjale Navungo MunicÁ­pio de XX Download  

April 22, 2013 Themes: Local Government

Mauritius Gender Summit 2013 Climate change

Name Title / Institution Presentation Girish Munhurrun Mainstreaming Gender in Climate Change and Community-Based Adaptation Download Ruben Pillay MUNIEN Judicious use of water resources in Curepipe Download Avisha Yessoo Hydroponic cultivation Download Mrs Shamanta Domun À“ Fagoonee Waste reduction and recycling project Download  

April 21, 2013 Themes: Climate change

Protocolo de Género da SADC 2012 Barómetro Moçambique

Protocolo de Género da SADC 2012 Barómetro Moçambique

Moçambique tem feito progressos significativos no sentido de responder aos compromissos assumidos no âmbito do Protocolo da SADC sobre Género e Desenvolvimento, cujo o prazo é o ano de 2015, bem como outros compromissos visando o alcance da igualdade de género.

Subverting political power: Gender Analysis of the 2004 legislative elections in Mozambique

The legislative elections held towards the end of 2004 were a result of the introduction of a democratic system in Mozambique. The multi-party context did not only widen voters’ choices in the election of executive and legislative powers, but also created new and diverse possibilities for citizens’ participation. Democracy in itself permits the multiplication and diversification of choices and of political inclusion. Democracy is therefore crucial for the introduction of a new range of problems into the political debate, guaranteeing plurality and a diversity of voices and ways of thinking.

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The mission of WLSA Mozambique is to identify and disseminate the critical areas and obstacles to equality of rights between women and men in the country and promote changes in the law and public policies and empower women.

Plano Estrategico 2011-2015

Politica de genero e estrategia da sua implementacao



Country ManagerAlice Banze
Phone00 258 214 04923
AddressAv. Ahmed Sekou Touré, 3025, Maputo, Moçambique