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Board Member Emily May Brown
Staff Members Veronika Haimbili
When registered 2012
Alliance focal network NANGOF/Alliance
Government COEs 36
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Key partners Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare; Association of Local Authorities in Namibia (ALAN); The Namibian Association of Local Authority Officers (NALAO); Polytechnic of Namibia (PON); and Alliance of Mayors and Municipal Leaders (AMICAALL).


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NAMIBIA Strategy 2016 – 2020


Brigitte Hoases, Support – Summit 2012

Brigitte Hoases, Namibia, Support – Summit 2012

Sharonice Busch, Youth leadership Summit 2012

Sharonice Busch, Namibia, Youth Leadership – Summit 2012

Gender and Media Diversity Journal Launched

Gender and Media Diversity Journal Launched

The recently launched Gender and Media Diversity (GMDC) Journal on Gender, Popular Culture and Media will contribute immensely to the growing body of knowledge around gender and diversity, participants to the launch said. Gender Links (GL) launched the journal Wednesday evening at a parallel event during the just ended third annual Gender Justice and Local government summit. Some 280 men and women from around the SADC region attended the summit.

Gender mainstreaming strategy

The strategy document introduces the current gender mainstreaming implementation environment and the rationale and objectives of the strategy. There are recommended actions and an implementation plan for each ministry and the gender sensitive monitoring and evaluation framework is presented as are guidelines and tools to promote gender mainstreaming at all levels.

Statistical profile on women and men in Namibia

The majority of women in Namibia have yet to be empowered to participate actively and fully in the social, cultural and political life of the country. Although the Constitution guarantees equal rights, gender discrimination is still widespread. The indicators contained in this report will be used as tools to assess the progress made in various department interventions aimed at achieving gender equality in Namibia

Recommendations for activities for integration of gender equality in Namibia’s HIV response

It is well known that the HIV epidemic has had an enormous impact on girls and women and relationships between men and women. It is important that any AIDS programming actively address the needs of girls and women. This document contains a gender analysis of the National Strategic Framework for HIV/AIDS and the Operational Plan for Namibia.

Proposals for law reform on the recognition of customary marriages

This paper explores possible legal reforms for the recognition of customary marriages in Namibia. It emphasizes recognition rather than mere registration, since registration might or might not be a prerequisite for recognition. The paper includes background material on marriage and divorce in Namibia.

Andrew !Hoaeb

Andrew  !Hoaeb

I am from Arandis, and I am a gender activist. I give training to young people who have failed grade 10, in the areas of education, training and computer literacy. Gender links has been an eye opener for me, and has been a major help to our small mining town. With only 7500 inhabitants, I’ve managed to open a training centre called Arandis information communication technology centre. There we provide training, and implement training on advocacy, and the mainstreaming of gender based violence.

April 24, 2012 Themes: ICT's | Local Government

Namibians ‘stage’ mini roadblock in SA

Namibians ‘stage’ mini roadblock in SA

After a 22 hour drive from Namibia to South Africa, several members of the Namibian delegation who drove by car to the third annual Gender Justice and Local Government Summit got lost and caused a mini roadblock on a busy street in Johannesburg. “We tried to get help from a service station and they told us about a lot of turns, which got us more confused. Luckily, for us, the police happened to pass by and we stopped them. They led us all the way here (to the Koponang),” explained Councillor Fiina Elago from Reetmanshop Municipality

GJLG Summit Namibia – Winners

GJLG Summit Namibia – Winners

The two day summit held in Namibia show cased 34 best practices of local efforts to end violence and empower women. Ten winners where announced who will attend the regional local government summit in Johannesburg on 23 – 25 April 2012.



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