Seychelles aligns its national gender policy to the SADC Gender Protocol

Seychelles is currently finalising its National Gender Policy. It is also in the process of developing a costed National Gender Plan of Action for 2012-2016. This would be the country’s first national gender policy – it’s also the inaugural national gender policy in the region to be fully aligned to the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development.

Seychelles: Civil society pushing for gender aware code

Civil society organisations in Seychelles are playing their part to ensure that the SADC Gender Protocol provisions are mainstreamed into the country’s media regulatory system.

Seychelles: Men’s health clinic challenges stereotypes

Most men in the Seychelles demonstrate health seeking behavior only when their health status is challenged or compromised. Health protection and health promotion practices are relatively poor. It results in higher morbidity rate for men and lowers their life expectancy.

Seychelles Sexual Reproductive Health Policy

Seychelles Sexual Reproductive Health Policy is integral to the country’s National Gender Policy that is aligned to SADC Gender Protocol. During the drafting of their first ever National Gender Policy, the Seychelles Gender Secretariat ensured that there was harmony between the objectives of the policy and the 2011 National Sexual and Reproductive Policy.

Seychelles: Scoring a goal for women in soccer

A ball of energy, the thirty seven year old Elsie Ernesta, has already scored a number of “firsts” for her country and is determined to change the face of football in Seychelles. Inspired by the wide road outside her house to “kick a ball around” while still at school, Ernesta’s story shows why it is so important to challenge gender stereotypes in schools.

Seychelles Nation COE

Seychelles Nation COE

Fact file Country Seychelles Media House Seychelles Nation Proportion of women sources 21 Gender Policy Yes Joined the COE programme Summit No The Seychelles Nation is a daily newspaper. It is dedicated to local government issues but covers a wide range of current affairs and topics. The publication has been accused of not publishing independent […]

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Simone de Commarmond

Simone de Commarmond

Above the desk of the Seychelles Minister of Tourism and Transport Simone de Commarmond is a plaque that reads: “you are a leader, not a boss.” A few blocks away in the picturesque Seychelles capital of Victoria, Minister for Administration and Manpower Development Noellie Alaxander adorns her office with posters like UNIFEM’s: “Break the silence, a life free from violence.”

Regina Alcindor

The cataract in Regina Alcindor’s eyes vanished on the day she failed to get her long overdue promotion. “Not getting my promotion made me conscious that I was ignorant of the critical mass of women who were suffering like me.”

Noellie Alexander

Noellie Alexander

“It is interesting, I have never thought of myself as a woman, just as a person. I don’t consider gender as something special. I am a mainstream feminist. I believe that you should strive for what you want, whether you are a man or a woman.”

Seychelles draft gender policy

Seychelles is in the process of developing its first ever national gender policy with technical assistance from Gender Links.