South Africa

Thoko-Mpumlwana Mbuyiselo Botha

Country Summary:

Board Members Thoko Mpumlwana
When registered 2011
Alliance Focal Network South African women in Dialogue (SAWID)
Government COEs 20 View the Centres of Excellence
Media COEs 15
Key partners South African women in Dialogue (SAWID)

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South Africa Strategy 2016 – 2020

Rape will not be my daughter’s legacy!

I was fourteen when I was first raped. The perpetrator was in his early thirties. My friend and I were walking to the shop to buy bread when a man came out of the long grass. He showed us a gun and told us to do what ever he said or else…so we did. My friend and I went with him. He then started to ask us questions about sex.

Compendium of Case Studies: Violence Prevention Intervention Programmes in South Africa

Case studies of promising models for primary, secondary and tertiary violence prevention interventions currently in existence in South Africa.

South African Violence Prevention Model and Action Plan

A desktop review which was aimed at mapping of successful and promising strategies for preventing Gender Based Violence in South Africa is used to construct a model and action plan for addressing gaps and scaling up prevention initiatives. The reivew focused on on international best practices that demonstrated the effectiveness of a well designed prevention strategy, including HIV and AIDS campaign in Uganda and the “Say No” to domestic violence campaign in Uganda.

A legislated quota for South Africa?

Paper presented at a a seminar discussion on a legislated quota as an option for South Africa.

Political parties’ plans thin on dealing with rape Name of publication_Sowetan14April2009_SA

The article is about the extent to which political parties fail at addressing the rape scourge.

Imperial unit invests R100m in EuropCar_Business Report3June2009

This article discusses a recent merger between two car companies and is accompanied by lead image on the page of the newly merged firm’s chief executive officer (CEO).

November 24, 2009 Themes: Economics Programs: Gender Aware | News | Portrayal | Virtual Resource Centre VRC

Digital stories as tools for change: A study of the dynamics of technology use in social change and activism

Digital storytelling uses technology in order to capture people’s stories digitally, weaving together
images, music and narration to create a vivid, multi-media story in the form of a short movie.
Story creators are taken through a workshop in order to equip them with the technical and other
skills needed to create the stories themselves. In the case studied, a group of gender and HIV
activists participated in intensive four-day workshops sponsored by a South African nongovernmental organisation. Seven interviews were conducted with workshop participants to
capture their experiences of the workshops. Following a grounded theory approach, the interview
transcriptions were analysed using an open coding process, which lead to the emergence of a
clear central story line. The conceptual framework or theory emerging from this qualitative case
study is that in digital stories as tools for social change and activism, technology’s role can be
understood through conceptualising it as a medium and a mediator, with its properties as a
medium enabling it to play a mediating role in a number of different types of relationships.
A potential gap in the literature was identified in the process of writing this dissertation, which is
that most examinations of the use of technology in social change and activism concentrate on the
Internet and email. Hence there is a need for further research into how a range of technologies
are currently and can potentially be used in the services of social change. It is hoped that this
dissertation will contribute to addressing that gap.

16 Days VRC-Case Study_The Star2009_SA

A group of articles highlighting the prevalence of gender based violence in SA.

World’s poorest women will bear brunt of climate change_Dispatch10Aug2009_SA

This article identified climate change and its impact on women, especially rural women as a critical area of concern. It argues that the Copenhagen climate change deal must be a one that is fair, equitable, effective and science-based that focuses on renewable energy and energy efficiency, supporting vulnerable communities and promoting job creation and poverty alleviation.

November 23, 2009 Themes: Environment Programs: Gender Aware | News | Perspective | Virtual Resource Centre VRC

Knocked Out by SexDailySun

Lovers blame each other when one of them faints whilst they are having sex. The man accuses his girlfriend of being sick or trying to kill him, while the girlfriend says he is just weak in bed. To get a second opinion on their views they asked the man’s friend to sleep with the woman to see if he would also faint. The man ran for dear life.

November 18, 2009 Themes: Gender equality Programs: Fairness | Gender Aware | News | Virtual Resource Centre VRC