South Africa

Thoko-Mpumlwana Mbuyiselo Botha

Country Summary:

Board Members Thoko Mpumlwana
When registered 2011
Alliance Focal Network South African women in Dialogue (SAWID)
Government COEs 20 View the Centres of Excellence
Media COEs 15
Key partners South African women in Dialogue (SAWID)

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South Africa Strategy 2016 – 2020

SADC Protocol-What’s in it for the media?

The recent signing of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Protocol on Gender and Development could mean that the stories and images in the region’s media may soon have a more balanced perspective. The Protocol includes a groundbreaking section that, if ratified and implemented, will advance and give extra momentum to the already animated regional activism promoting gender equality in and through the media.

At the click of a mouse: GBV and the internet: 27 Nov 2009

At the click of a mouse: GBV and the internetTime: 10h00 to 14h00Date: 27 November 2009Venue: The City of Joburg Offices, 158 Loveday St, Reception block A, Johannesburg Please see fact sheet and also read more on the 16 days campaign For more information, please contact Kubi Rama on 082 378 8239 or email […]

Speaking out can set you free

What do you think of when you see a butterfly? Beautiful colours! Freedom after the struggle to break out of a cocoon! The sky is the limit! Reaching up; reaching out!

My father saved me

It’s 12 midnight, as I lay awake beside him. My head is filled with confusion as I weigh the options for the next course of action to take. I am struggling to sleep and worse still, I cannot stand seeing his face. Part of me is telling me to stab him and end all the misery that he is causing me, but the other side is warning me not to.

Rape will not be my daughter’s legacy!

I was fourteen when I was first raped. The perpetrator was in his early thirties. My friend and I were walking to the shop to buy bread when a man came out of the long grass. He showed us a gun and told us to do what ever he said or else…so we did. My friend and I went with him. He then started to ask us questions about sex.

Compendium of Case Studies: Violence Prevention Intervention Programmes in South Africa

Case studies of promising models for primary, secondary and tertiary violence prevention interventions currently in existence in South Africa.

South African Violence Prevention Model and Action Plan

A desktop review which was aimed at mapping of successful and promising strategies for preventing Gender Based Violence in South Africa is used to construct a model and action plan for addressing gaps and scaling up prevention initiatives. The reivew focused on on international best practices that demonstrated the effectiveness of a well designed prevention strategy, including HIV and AIDS campaign in Uganda and the “Say No” to domestic violence campaign in Uganda.

A legislated quota for South Africa?

Paper presented at a a seminar discussion on a legislated quota as an option for South Africa.

Political parties’ plans thin on dealing with rape Name of publication_Sowetan14April2009_SA

The article is about the extent to which political parties fail at addressing the rape scourge.

Imperial unit invests R100m in EuropCar_Business Report3June2009

This article discusses a recent merger between two car companies and is accompanied by lead image on the page of the newly merged firm’s chief executive officer (CEO).

November 24, 2009 Themes: Economics Programs: Gender Aware | News | Portrayal | Virtual Resource Centre VRC