“Morcellement St Andre: Le Village Council se dote d’gymnase”_L’Express_27 April

“Morcellement St Andre: Le Village Council se dote d’gymnase”_L’Express_27 April

Date: April 27, 2015
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 Name of article “Morcellement St Andre: Le Village Council se dote d’gymnase”

Name of publication: L’Express

Date: 27 April

country: Mauritius

Theme: Sports

Genre: News

GEM Classification: Blatant Stereotype

Skill: Language

The article provides insight about a gymnasium/ sports complex that has been inaugurated on at Morcellement St Andre village. The President of the Village Council, a male figure is the only spokesperson for this article.

The article depicts a case categorized as blatant stereotype since only males are given voice. The point of men as decision makers within local councils is highlighted here. No other person except the male president is heard of yet the latter talk about the sports complex being a place set for the welfare of all inhabitants.

This shows how all decisions are taken by males. The voice of female councilors could have also been added to this article since sports and health issues are a subject for both men and women.

The picture accompanying the article is also stereotypical since the picture includes two males where one is the actual male president and the other is the ex- president, equally a male figure. Both are standing in the premises of the sports complex. While sports should be a concern of one all irrespective of sex, gender, class and other social division, here only males are valorized.

In addition, the president talks of other possible projects that he wishes to implement in the village and mentions of bus shelters, road construction and drainage issues. This again highlights the vast power held by the president.

It is to be noted though that the majority of the decision is taken by the president. Nonetheless, all decisions are taken after consensus with all council members (male and female). It is pitiful to see only a male talking here while a women councilor is equally accountable for the village issues.


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