Edwina Kapfudza – Zimbabwe

Edwina Kapfudza – Zimbabwe

Date: July 30, 2016
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Feels that the entrepreneurship programme is an eye opener

“I would like to thank Gender Links for making me believe in myself”

Edwina Kapfudza recalls the day she met her ward councillor and how she was introduced to Gender Links (GL). This took place at a time when she least expected any help from anyone with regard to her experience of gender based violence (GBV). Prior to the introductions, the council held a meeting with the identified survivors of GBV. The idea was to know more about the women’s experiences of GBV before referring them to GL.

Kapfudza feels that the entrepreneurship programme was an eye opener and made her realise that depending on her husband for survival was the root cause of the problems she faced. She had experienced gender based violence for most of her married life. The abuse reduced her self-esteem to very low levels.

She was happy when she was identified as a participant of the programme. She took it as an opportunity to learn new things. Kapfudza attended all the three courses which helped her to regain her self-esteem and confidence. The training gave her relevant business skills and she successfully applied them to her business. Since that day life has become easier for her.

“GL taught me how to manage my business and to open a business account to save money. I did everything that we were taught and I am proud to tell you that l opened a bank account and I am saving my profits for future use in my business. I am really enjoying the benefits of the business skills I acquired during the training. Before I opened the bank account I used to misuse business funds and that was the major issue that prevented me from doing anything meaningful in life,” Kapfudza asserts.

Before Kapfudza’s encounter with GL, she was struggling to run a small sewing business that she owned at that time. She gave up the sewing business when her husband confiscated the sewing machine she was using. To cause more harm, her husband sold the seven roomed house where Kapfudza and the children were living. The incident made her homeless and a destitute who survived on handouts from well wishers. The entrepreneurship programme came at the right time to save her from the effects of the GBV that was perpetrated on her by the husband.

After the training with GL, Kapfudza gained confidence and her self-esteem was restored. Believing in herself was the first decision she took towards becoming a better person. The training helped her to set up a new business selling clothes. She purchased clothes at wholesale price in Harare and sold them in her community in Goromonzi.

“With the help and knowledge l got from the training I managed to develop good relations with my customers. I applied the marketing strategies I was taught to my business and this increased my sales. I am now a proud mother who can take care of her family and provide for their needs,” says Kapfudza.

The change that took place in Kapfudza’s life has been a great achievement for her and the entire family. The family noticed the change that took place in her life and they were very supportive to the extent of giving her clothing orders. Her children assisted her with ideas and the unity of purpose that was created gave Kapfudza joy and peace of mind. She confessed that in her community it was difficult to associate with people because they thought that by virtue of being single she would snatch their husbands from them. The stereotypical beliefs were so rampant in her community that it impacted negatively on her life. People in that society looked down upon people who were not married.

“l would like to thank GL for making me believe in myself. Being a hard worker came with a price for me. The people around me can appreciate me because my ideas are useful to the community. People can now come to me for business ideas and advice. I managed to help my friend with some money to set up her new business,” Kapfudza claims.

Kapfudza pledged to work hard and give her children the life that they deserve. She said in 2030 she would be very happy if she managed to have her own house on the stand where she is currently residing. “I wish to get help from GL to stop my husband from selling my housing stand,” Kapfudza adds.


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