National Summit of Good Practices of the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development post 2015

Date: July 4, 2018
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The National Anthem

By Graça Maria, Maputo, 04 July 2018: Under the motto “50/50 until 2030! Empowering women, ending gender-based violence and premarital marriages, “held the V National Summit on Good Practices on the Implementation of the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development Post-2015 on June 27 and 28, which took place at the Joaquim Chissano International Conference Center in Maputo City.

The Summit is part of a series of other summits that Gender Links has been carrying out at the national and regional levels as a way to create a platform for sharing best practices and implementing policies, strategies and plans. Gender mainstreaming, premature marriages and all forms of discrimination – explained Alice Banze, Executive Director of Gender Links Mozambique and Lusophone countries

Presentation by the Director of Gender Links

The summit saw its heightened momentum with the launch of the book and video on premature marriages and the Barometer produced by Gender Links, made by the First Lady of the Republic, Dr. Isaura Ferrão Nyusi, who embraced the cause in 2017, which launched the Prevention and Combat of Premature Marriages campaign.


Early Child marriage book launch

Speakers at the opening session
“We reaffirm our commitment to everything we do against premature marriages, combating violence against women and children, in particular the participation of gender in development processes in the country,” said Nyusi, who at the time accentuated the importance of participation by all the social actors, Government and Civil Society, in the fight against this social evil.

“Your presence at this event prides us on the fact that we know that your commitment to promot gender equality is unquestionable and encourages us to continue with the mission of promoting the emancipation of women.” Cidália Chaúque Oliveira, Minister of Gender, Child and Social Action

“We have a vision of a world that is fair and free from poverty. And we are aware that this longed-for, just and poverty-free world will never be achieved as long as injustices linked to unequal gender relations prevail, “said William Mujovo, the representative of Diakonia through the AGIR Program.

“This moment is important for women because it is an important moment for their political and citizenship affirmation,” said Paula Vera Cruz, president of Fórum Mulher.

It should be noted that in its work Gender Links works with 19 of the 53 municipalities in the country. The Summit is supported by a number of partners, including Diakonia through the AGIR Program, the Swedish and Dutch embassies, and Amplify Change.


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