Gender Links Services (GLS)

GL Services (GLS) is the GL NPO’s solution to sustainable growth and branding that will be realised through a business model that compliments all of GL’s entities springing from the non-profit organisation. The business model is based on four broad pillars, namely, GL Resources, GL Advisory Services, GL Training Institute (GTI) and GL Cottages and Conferencing.

GL Resources, GL Advisory Services (GLS) and GTI represent the intellectual wealth aspects of GL work, which have been developed over the years, in line with key programme work in gender and media, gender and governance, gender based violence and the SADC Gender Protocol Research.  GL Cottages and conferencing represents GL’s physical infrastructure that provides accommodation and conferences services, including other special events.


For a free consultation and quotation please contact: Debrah Mukuku, Gender Links Services Manager
Phone: +27 11 029 0006