IMG_2758As part of its efforts to promote sustainability, GL runs an advisory services unit that periodically undertakes consultancy work and special projects. GL is in the process of being registered as an accredited trainer. The advisory services portfolio is also being expanded to include institutional support, tools and resources to non-profit organisations. This is based on the wide range of institutional tools and systems for finances; IT; human resources; planning; reporting; tracking; monitoring and evaluation that GL has developed during ten years of rapid growth.

Weak institutional practices resulting in wastage of resources, angst and in some cases complete institutional collapse have emerged as a major concern in the non-profit sector. Several donors and partners have requested GL to share its experiences and expertise in strengthening governance and good institutional practice. GL believes that peer learning is more effective than theoretical learning. In our programme work we have gathered a great deal of experience in tailoring interventions to specific clients and purposes. Our flexible, solution-oriented approach, based on real needs and practical experience, makes us an ideal service provider to fellow non-profits that seek to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

There are a range of systems and tools that GL has set up to enhance:

  • Gender mainstreaming
  • Good governance
  • Organisational strategy and planning
  • Human resources, team building and performance management
  • Financial administration and reporting
  • Programme planning and administration
  • Strategic communication
  • Partnerships and coalition building
  • Monitoring and evaluation

One of the key tools that GL has developed and uses to measure the effectiveness of these systems and ultimately organisational performance is the Organisational Scorecard, which assesses performance in six main areas (strategic positioning, governance, programme of action, institutional strengthening, sustainability and monitoring and evaluation).

For a free consultation and quotation please contact: Anushka Virahsawmy, Regional Training Manager
Phone: (+230) 4674642 / 4674643