National Gender Policy: Zambia

Date: December 22, 2014
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The Zambian government has recognised the need for equal and full participation of women and men at all levels of national development. To attain its vision of full gender equality the government has adopted and will fully implement the national gender policy.

The formulation of a national gender policy was subjected to a comprehensive consultative process with various stakeholders.



Publisher: Office of the President, Zambia
Year of Publication: 2000

12 thoughts on “National Gender Policy: Zambia”

Hartman K. Ngwale says:

I am a civil servant working under the Ministry of Local Government and Housing. Please send me a soft copy of the National Gender Policy.

mavis kabwe says:

i need a copy of thr national gender policy

Zulu Emmanuel says:

I would like to have a copy of the National Gender Policy- Zambia in order to read through and participate in constructive comments as a Zambian

Hunter says:

Thank you for your inquiry. We unfortunately only have a physical copy in our reference library in Johannesburg. It was printed by the Zambian government so please ask your local government to procure a copy for you.

Makumba Gilbert says:

Upload a copy please…

Tobias Mubanga Mutale says:

Kindly make this document available online for people to view it.

Faides Nsofu says:

Ministry of Gender HAs reviewed the national gender policy and it was launched in 2015.

Captain kawanga says:

I would like to have a soft copy please..

Jasmine says:

For those asking for the soft copy of the national gender policy. You can find it on the ministry of gender website. http://www.gender.go. zm


need a copy on the steps which lead to the formulation of national gender policy and what were the intended and untended consequences for implementing the policy

need a copy on the stages or steps involved in the formulation of the national gender policy

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