Let’s fight sex-related violence (GBV gender aware)_Zambia Daily Newspaper_13 April 2015

Let’s fight sex-related violence (GBV gender aware)_Zambia Daily Newspaper_13 April 2015

Date: April 13, 2015
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Name of article:  Let’s fight sex-related violence (GBV gender aware)

Name of Publication: Zambia Daily Mail Newspaper

Date: 13 April 2015

Country: Zambia

The story calls on stakeholders to fight sex related cases which are on the increase in Zambia.

This story is gender aware story that gives an account of the experience of a young women in the Eastern Province of Zambia went through. The story is an account of a young woman was axed on the neck and arms by her boyfriend because she refused to terminate the pregnancy.

It is a gender aware GBV story where the author  who is male puts himself in the shoes of the survivors and imagines what could have been going though her head when this unfortunate incident happened to her.

She presents the story in such a manner that he allow his readers to share in the pain and mental anguish that with the survivor goes through. He shares that the young women could be blaming her self for allowing this young man to have sex with him, for even loving him as well.

The writer who is male goes in the mind of the survivors and brings out the silent thoughts that are not usually talked about when cases happen.  While many writers would have been blaming the young woman for having had unprotected sex with this young man which is against the African Social Norms.

The writer understand recognizes that the young woman is not to blame. He brings out the problem as a societal problem were our lives have changed and have been deprived of those factors that could help young people not to engage into premarital sex.

He talks about the need for sex education to help young people understand their bodies and their rights and responsibilities. He talks about the emotional problems that are associated with premarital sex.

He also talks about the perpetrator who is a young man and how that he too is a victim of society’s failure to prepare young men to premarital sex and the emotional problems attached to it.  To the writer, these young people are not to blame, society is to blame.

The story is an opinion piece so the writer does not quote any sources. He only quotes official police source which is okay as it is not a hard news story. The headline of the story is also good as it is inviting all stakeholders to join hands and help in the fight against premarital sex and the emotional problems that it brings on young people who are not well prepared by society.

It uses the word ‘lets’ fight meaning all. The survivor is presented in a credible way and does not place blame on her for having been hacked by the boyfriend after she refused to abort a pregnancy. The story further shows the women’s right to reproduction health as it portrays a woman’s bold decision not to succumb to the pressure from her lover to abort the pregnancy.  Further, the language used in the story is not demeaning especially to the survivor and the women folk in general.

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