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Over the years GL has demonstrated a commitment to gender justice and equality by efforts to create opportunities and provide spaces for survivors of all forms of gender violence to speak out, participate in various conversations and document their experiences through I-Stories.

Botswana: Bitterness is gone

I am a 54 year old, married in 1992. I had four boys in the marriage and divorced in 2003. I looked down upon myself and had nothing to do until I met Gender Links (GL) and they educated us on abuse and how to move from being a victim to being a survivor.

November 8, 2016 Themes: Emotional violence Programs: 16 Days of Activism 2015 | Gender Justice

Mauritius: Realising my self- worth

During the Entrepreneurship training in October 2013 I shared everything about my life and problems. I was relieved because I needed to pour my heart out. It was the first step to the change in my personal and professional life.

South Africa: Now my husband and I respect each other

My first day attending a Gender Links (GL) workshop was so difficult because I was one of the victims. I thought I did not have any problem but at the end of the Gender Links workshop I discovered that I do have a problem.

Swaziland: Saved from the economic violence of widowhood

When I lost my husband, I did not only lose him but I lost all my hopes and dreams. I lost my sense of belonging, my freedom and stability. The sad part of it is that my husband’s family blamed me for his death.

November 18, 2015 Themes: Economic violence Programs: 16 Days of Activism 2015 | Gender Justice

Lesotho: I change, we change

Lesotho: I change, we change

When I met with Gender Links (GL) for the first time I was asked to write about my problems in an abusive life that I was living. I met GL in 2013 for some courses, all of which I attended. What I found to be of importance was for me to be confident, to detest abuse, and learn ways to run my business well and how to deal with people in business.

Namibia: Standing up for myself

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I was born in Eengongo Village Omusati region and am a mother of two children. I received training on entrepreneurship from Gender Links in 2014. I became aware of Gender Links through the Ministry of Health. I was happy to learn that this organisation empowers local women. I attended all three workshops and made sure I didn’t miss any of the training from Gender Links.

Madagascar: We can overcome the violence!

I am 26 and I am living in Famonjena village in Bongatsara council. I am married and have two children.I got married at the age of 19. In my life, I have experienced a lot of sorrowful moments, especially during my married life.

Mozambique: Journey of a gender, HIV and AIDS activist

Mozambique: Journey of a gender, HIV and AIDS activist

I am a mother of four children, one boy and three girls and have seven grandsons. Because I did not study a lot, my life was about doing business and taking care of the house.

Zambia: I can do any job a man can do!

I am a business woman as well as an employee of a welding company. My business involves buying and reselling fruits of different types. When I have free time off my daily job as a welder, I buy iron bars and angle liners which I use to make window frames, door frames and grill doors.

Zimbabwe: Rescued by entrepreneurial skills

Zimbabwe: Rescued by entrepreneurial skills

Marriage denied me my freedom to participate economically and to be a social butterfly. Gender Links rescued me from my miserable situation and transformed me into a strong, confident and independent woman.

South Africa: God fearing parents

I am the eldest of three children that were raised by a God-fearing single parent. My entire childhood I felt that I was both coming and going.

November 13, 2015 Programs: Entrepreneurship | Gender Justice

South Africa: Raped by my own boyfriend

South Africa: Raped by my own boyfriend

*Trigger warning: Violence*
I once had a good loving family, a mother, step dad and a grandfather. I never knew my real father, I never had a father figure till I was 13 that when I was introduced to my step dad and his family. This family camp in 2010 when my mom and step dad got married, I then moved in with them because I had a baby and my aunt and uncle kicked me out so they took me in. We were a happy small family, and then I met my boyfriend Phaphani, who was older than me.

June 1, 2015 Themes: Gender based violence