I Stories

Over the years GL has demonstrated a commitment to gender justice and equality by efforts to create opportunities and provide spaces for survivors of all forms of gender violence to speak out, participate in various conversations and document their experiences through I-Stories.

I Story – Reclaiming my life

I knew I had to let go, but it was never going to be easy. Letting go is the most difficult thing for anyone who is in an abusive relationship. We learn to love, trust and believe the people we are in relationships with. When they hurt us we ignore the abuse and instead try to find excuses for their wrong doing with the hope they will eventually change.

I Story – Journalists are not immune

Domestic violence happens to other people. I told and reported their stories as a journalist ? until my husband slapped my face so hard that I could feel my mouth bleeding and my jaws displaced.

Men in Skirts, The Star

This is an image of a man wearing an African print skirt on the front page of a daily newspaper.

K is for Kooking!, Saturday Star

This article is a profile of and interview with Danny K, described as ?South Africa?s Hottest Hunk.? But it turns out that Danny is quite an unconventional guy. He likes gender role reversals, and the thing that ?no one knew about him?, that comes out in this profile, is that he likes to cook. He is also a family guy, not afraid to talk about his emotions, and regards being a good performer as more important than his looks.

Miss Botswana will go to Nigeria, Botswana Daily News

The Botswana Council of Women confirms that Miss Botswana will participate in the Miss World pageant in spite of the proposed boycott against the pageant in protest of the death sentence on Amina Lawal.