Decentralised Cooperation Programme Mauritius

Date: January 20, 2017
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IMG_1662The overall objective of the 10th EDF Decentralised Cooperation Programme (DCP) II is to contribute to the reduction of poverty in Mauritius and Rodrigues in synergy with other Non State Actors as well empowerment and poverty alleviation programmes.

Gender Links project on ‘Strengthening and Empowering Women with Low and No income through a tested Entrepreneurship Programme’ is to contribute to the poverty alleviation through the development of Women Entrepreneurship in Mauritius as well as strengthening the entrepreneurship capacities of women in situation of poverty through an effective mentoring system.

In November 2015, Gender Links  has put in place a well-structured mentoring system with mentors from the same communities as the beneficiaries. Mentors have similar background as the beneficiaries. The mentors were trained by Gender Link to be economically independent. These mentors have now their own businesses and are role models in their communities. Ten of them with their own experiences and further training from Gender Links are now training 10 beneficiaries each from their region.

In November 2015 to November 2016 eight localities and ten regions, Savanne, Beau-Bassin/Rose Hill, Curepipe, Moka, Grand Port and Riviere du Rempart were chosen. In some localities more than 10 beneficiaries were identified by mentors as women were interested in the course and in starting their own businesses. In Grand Port and in Moka GL agreed that 15 and 12 beneficiaries respectively followed the programme.

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