Is Africa rising enough for its women?

Johannesburg, 22 May: May 25 marks Africa Freedom day and many people across the continent and in the diaspora hold celebrations to mark this special occasion. On this day we celebrate the unity and solidarity of our founding leaders who sacrificed it all for the sake of our freedom and independence. As the beneficiaries of […]

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Winning for women

Winning for women

Over the past week, after years of deliberation, Botswana took the monumental decision to sign the SADC Gender Protocol. The protocol advises on how best to achieve equal and meaningful participation of women in all areas of life. The signing represents a historic moment for Gender Links, who have been advocating for its implementation in […]

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World Press Freedom a far cry from equality

By Tarisai Nyamweda, Media stakeholders including government officials, civil society, journalists and editors met on 3 May in Johannesburg, South Africa to celebrate and engage on World Press Freedom under the theme “critical minds for critical times”. The celebrations coordinated by Gender Links (GL), Institute for the Advancement of Journalism, Freedom of Expression Institute, Media […]

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The Africa women want

Women rights organisations from across Africa met in Nairobi from May 3 to 5 to strategise on how to take forward Agenda 2030 and the Africa Agenda 2063. Organised by Femnet the conference provided an opportunity to discuss the best ways for the African women’s movement to engage in the processes of monitoring the implementation […]

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Chibok girls: What fate awaits the ones set free?

There was huge relief when 82 of the girls kidnapped by Islamist militants Boko Haram in Chibok, north-east Nigeria, in 2014 were freed on Saturday. But, as the BBC’s Alastair Leithead has been finding out, they may still not be able to go back home. The ordeal of being kidnapped by Boko Haram does not […]

Editor’s note

Welcome to another exciting edition of the Roadmap to Equality! Tracking progress towards the implementation and ratification of the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development. Former South African President, the late Nelson Mandela once said, “Freedom cannot be achieved unless the women have been emancipated from all forms of oppression”. This statement makes me feel […]

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Zimbabwe Appoints Anti Domestic Violence Council

Government has appointed an Anti-Domestic Violence Council to stop the scourge of domestic violence through monitoring and implementing the Domestic Violence Act. The 12-member council includes traditional leaders, Government officials and members of the civil society. Minister of Women’s Affairs, Gender and Community Development, Nyasha Eunice Chikwinya said the appointments were precipitated by the increase […]

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May Day: Stop the robbery

Women across the world only make $0.77 for every dollar a man earns for work of equal value—and the United Nations wants to #StoptheRobbery. UN Women, an entity of the organization, launched a new, month-long campaign on Monday to raise awareness around the gender pay gap. People are invited to use the robbery hashtag to […]

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Gender Monitoring in Science and Technology

The Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) and other partners in the science field, member states and civil society in the Southern African Development Community held a two day meeting to discuss the role of science, technology and innovation in advancing gender equality. The workshop brought together gender and STI representatives from SADC member […]

May 10, 2017 Themes: Education Programs: SADC Gender Protocol & Alliance

Widow’s political pleas challenge traditional beliefs

The outspoken comments by Barbara Hogan, the widow of Ahmed Kathrada, following his death have challenged the beliefs around mourning and widowhood in the African context. Hogan defied tradition by making her voice heard at her husband’s burial when she questioned the integrity of the President, Jacob Zuma. In an unprecedented  move , more than […]

EAC hails Alliance for leading the way on Gender Equality

Government and Civil society representatives from the East Africa Community (EAC) who converged in Kampala last week for the launch of their Pilot Gender Barometer have hailed the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Gender Protocol Alliance for taking a lead in advancing gender equality in Africa. Speaking at the launch the EAC Barometer the Chairperson […]

May 10, 2017 Themes: Gender equality Programs: SADC Gender Protocol & Alliance

Botswana signs gender Protocol, Mauritius only one out

The Southern African Gender Protocol Alliance (Alliance) welcomes the signing of the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development by Botswana this week after nine of stalling and calls on Mauritius to follow suit. In a statement, Chair of the Alliance Emma Kaliya said: “this is a great moment for the region. Botswana hosts the secretariat […]