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Teen applies for bail in Joza girl’s murder_The New Age_20 February 2017

Sexual and gender based violence in Uganda

A just society where there is gender equality & equity. To promote women’s empowerment, gender quality and equity through advocacy, networking and capacity building of both women and men.

The wheel of failure_Malawi News_25 April-May 1 2015

Name of article: The wheel of failure Name of publication: Malawi News Date: 25 April-May 1 2015 Country: Malawi Theme: Politics GEM Classification: Gender Blind Genre: News Skill: Language Analysis Description: The article ” The wheel of failure” highlights the failure of service delivery in Malawi by the public officials and the promises that they make each […]

Where are the LGBTI roles?_Mail&Guardian_29 April 2015

Mampirafy sa tsia? Jereo ny ratsan-tanany_Basy Vava_29 avril 2015

Mampirafy sa tsia? Jereo ny ratsan-tanany. Basy Vava du 29 avril 2015 Ce qui nous intéresse ici n’est pas l’article mais plutôt la photo qui l’illustre. L’article parle d’un résultat de recherche effectuée par de sexologue démontrant que ceux qui ont le majeur plus long que l’index ne sont pas des personnes fidèles en amour. […]

Pope ‘rejects’ France’s gay ambassador to Vatican_Daily News_24 April 2015

Big Brother needs a reality check_City Press_24 April 2015

Where are the real LGBTI roles?_Mail and Guardian_24 April 2015

Where are the real LGBTI roles?_Mail and Guardian_24 April 2015

NAME OF ARTICLE: Where are the real LGBTI roles? NAME OF PUBLICATION: Mail and Guardian DATE: 24 April 2015 COUNTRY:  South Africa Another example of Provoking debate about popular culture is in the thematic area of sexual orientation and gender identities. A story from Mail and Guardian, headline “Where are the real LGBTI roles?” published […]

Body of missing teacher Panayiotou found near township_The Citizen_23 April 2015

Women’s bodies in advertising_Times of Zambia_April 2015

NAME OF THE ARTICLE: Women’s bodies in advertising Name of Publication: Times of Zambia Date: April 2015 Country:  Zambia The above picture is among many other pictures where women’s bodies are selling services and goods through advertising. In this picture, a young mother and her baby are selling the services a mobile company in Zambia […]