Ama-Buruxa Cultural Group Tour

Ama-Buruxa Cultural Group Tour

Date: August 10, 2009
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As part of this year’s Sixteen Days of Activism Against Gender Violence the Ama-Buruxa cultural group from Namibia will visit Johannesburg from 6-11 December 2007 to share experiences and hold theatre performances. Established in 2001, the Ama Buruxa group (Nama for “Simply AmazingÀ) group comprises children abandoned as a result of HIV and AIDS or gender based violence. Gender Links, a Southern African NGO that works in the governance, justice and media sectors, will host the visit with the support of a number of partner organizations. The visit is sponsored by a private South African donor who was moved to do so after hearing the children sing on their recently released CD ROM.

The group was formed to give theatre performances as a form of therapy and also to raise funds for the payment of school and examination fees for the orphans and vulnerable children in MaltahÁ¶he. The 4000-strong village of MaltahÁ¶he lies in the dry and desolate Hardap region of southern Namibia. Gateway to the Namib desert, the village is a stopping point for many tourists. MaltahÁ¶he as a community is currently facing daunting challenges like HIV and AIDS, poverty, unemployment and the reality of high numbers of street children and orphans. Since the Ama-Buruxa Daweb Cultural group was set up in 2001 they have worked hard to turn the tide and to create a better future for the vulnerable children in the area.

The group currently comprises of 32 learners and two teachers: Simon Anton and Karolina Pieters who founded the group. Pieters, who is also Chairperson of the Village Council, has some 382 Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC’s) under her care: nearly ten percent of the village population. Most of these children have lost one or both parents to HIV and AIDS or gender violence. Cultural activities help to make sure the children never forget their roots and remain firmly grounded and provide a form of healing.

Councillor Pieters helps demonstrate how local government can play an effective role in ending gender violence and mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS. As a member of of the ruling Swapo Party, in the 2004 local government elections she was elected as member of the Council. She accepted on the condition that she could bring her children into the Council with her and make them part of the Council’s business.
The cultural group provides a forum for sharing the Nama culture heritage in all its diversity and particularly inculcates in the Nama people and the entire Namibia the rich history and ethos of the people of Africa. The only instrument used is the traditional drums and their traditional dance is called the Namastap. The achievements of the group include:
  • Recording a CD named after the group “Ama BuruxaÀ which was funded by the EU Development Fund and NACOBTA.
  • Winning the Regional Cultural Festival À“ September 2006
  • Performing for the President of Namibia at the Safari Hotel in Windhoek
  • Performing at major events including:
    – The tourist EXPO in Windhoek 2004
    – The AC Gams cultural festival in 2004
    – The National cultural festival in 2006, Tsandi
  • Performing for tourists three to five times a month

Activities planned in Johannesburg
During their visit to Johannesburg the group will:

  • Appear on SABC Morning Live.
  • Perform at the auditorium, Museum Africa, with a number of like-mided groups.
  • Hold a workshop hosted by Constitution Hill with other cultural groups from around the City of Johannesburg.
  • Receive IT training and participate in a cyber dialogue at GL offices.
  • Be hosted by the Lion Park for a fun day.
Mrs. Karolina Elsie Pieters
P.O Box 119
Cell: 081 275 2550, Tel: +264 -63-293296
To make a donation
A special account has been set up for making donations to the group. This is:
Gender Links; Standard Bank Eastgate; Accnt no 022621091; Branch code 018505

Should you make a donation, please notify Mariette on; or phone: 011-622-2877


Download : Track 1: #Khibara #Khab
Download : Track 21: Klava
Download : Track 22: #Naba ra #na
Download : Ama Buruxa Schedule 5 - 12 December 2005

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sedrick Adams says:

keep on the good work ama buruxa cultural group!!!!!i am proud of u guys would like to see ur performanes,i like u guys hope to hear from u guys soon…….

Anica Le Grange says:

Hi there, have this group performed Aba te, I am looking for the song to buy either via google or itunes please

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