Commune Urbaine D’Antananarivo

Commune Urbaine D’Antananarivo

Date: September 10, 2015
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Fact file

Country Population Madagascar
Province/Region Analamanga
Number of women councillors 14
Number of men councillors 41
Baseline score 65
Latest score 69
Population 1 501 611
Joined the COE programme 2010
Summit 2013
The urban council of Antananarivo is the capital of Madagascar and COE since 2010. It is located in the region of Analamanga and counts more than 3 million inhabitants who work mostly in the tertiary sector. Even if the council has been working with GL since 2010, the action plan on gender and the fight against gender based violence was only adopted in 2011 due the political situation of the country. However, the council has actively participated in the 16 days activities, organized in the capital.

Changing lives

Comments from participants

COE Report card
Stage Description Date Outputs
I Meetings and adoption of COE concept 09 June 2010

Buy-in repport

Score card

II Situation analysis 09 June 2010

Situation analysis

III SADC Protocol on gender and development 14 September 2009 Village meeting
IV Inception workshop 14 September 2011 Inception workshop
V Action planning workshop 14 September 2011 Action plan
Consolidation 16 February 2012 Consolidation report
VI Adoption of action plan and signing of statement of commitment Commitment
VII Media skills À“ campaigns planning skills (reinforce skills through campaigns) 30 January 2012 Report
VIII IT for advocacy (including use of cell phones) 31 January 2012 Report
IX Monitoring and evaluation 08 February 2013 Institutional case study
X Summit COE Presentation 2013

Change happens when the Mayor herself is committed. Women are prepared to learn and the Mayor followed all the stages of the COE workshops, Read more


Download : Action plan
Download : CUA institutional case study - COE verification
Download : Buy-in report
Download : Score card
Download : Cinsolidation report
Download : CUA
Download : Stage 7-8 report
Download : Stage 3 report

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