Ruwa Town Council COE

Ruwa Town Council COE

Date: November 4, 2015
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Fact file

Country Zimbabwe
Province/Region Mashonaland East
Population 56 333
Baseline Score 61%
Latest Score 72%
Number of women councillors 2
Number of men councillors 7
Joined the COE programme 2010
Summit 2011,2012,2013
Ruwa is one of the 4 councils out of the 92 councils in Zimbabwe which is being directed by a female CEO. 2 CEOs are from the rural district councils and the other is from urban ciuncils. In total Ruwa has 9 elected councillors (7 males and 2 females). Council recognises that every policy decision affects women and men differently in order to ensure that the impact of all policy decisions addresses the specific interest and needs of women and men. Ruwa Town Council is one of the few council with a dedicated facebook account where council relays information to residents and stakeholders.

Changing lives

I am an auditor in the Council, and I am the head of the department. We do management oriented appraisals of Council functions and activities to determine their appropriateness in the context of Council objectives (including, but not restricted to accounting and financial management information, performance monitoring and control systems). I review the reliability of accounting and financial management, assess the systems of internal control, evaluate the compliance with relevant legislation, local law, local law policies, Council policies, operating guidelines and delegations, and the protect assets and resources under the control of management. Read more

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It takes me about 30 minutes to fill 100-200 litres of water, whereas in the past I would spend the whole day at one designated water point, meaning that I did not have the opportunity to do any other cores during the day.”

COE Report card
Stage Description Date Outputs
I Meetings and adoption of COE concept 10 June 2010 Buy-In Report

II Situation analysis 10 June 2010 Situational Analysis
III SADC Protocol on gender and development 3 March 2011 Village Workshop
IV Inception workshop 2 August 2010 Inception workshop
V Action planning workshop 4 August 2010 Action Plan
VI Adoption of action plan and signing of statement of commitment Statement of Commitment/MOU
VII Media skills À“ campaigns planning skills (reinforce skills through campaigns) 8 March 2011
Strategic Communications Report
VIII IT for advocacy (including use of cell phones)
IX Monitoring and evaluation 8 March 2011 Monitoring & Evaluation Report
13 February 2013 Monitoring & Evaluation
X Summit 2011,2012 Best Practice GJLG Summit 2012

Winner Climate Change & SD 2013



Download : Ruwa Town Council Action Plan
Download : Ruwa Town Council Buy-In Report
Download : Ruwa Town Council Situational Analysis
Download : Ruwa Town Council Consolidation Report
Download : Ruwa Institutionalprofile
Download : Ruwa Town Council Statement of Commitment

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