Warembo hawa ni Sexy 100% – The sexy 100% beauties

Date: January 1, 1970
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This article is about beauty queens who have previously won the Miss Tanzania Beauty pageant Jacquline Ntuyabaliwe, Nancy Sumary, Wema Sepetu and Lisa Jensen, who have been voted the sexiest Tanzanian women.

This article may be used to:
  1. Illustrate blatant stereotypes in media and how media often presents women as objects there for men’s desire..
  2. Show how media often allow men to objectify women.
  3. Show the total disregard for women’s independence and their feelings.
  4. Show how the modelling and beauty industry often leads to stereotypical portrayals of women.

Trainers Notes
This article shows that women are often defined in terms of their bodies and sexuality and not their mental capabilities. Many men in Tanzania are said to be having sleepless nights because of these women, with some swearing to give any amount of money to have them. This statement shows just how women have been reduced to objects that men think can be easily bought. This perpetuates the stereotype that women are will sleep with anyone with money. This also suggests that beauty queens are easy to get. Sexuality in this article is seen through the eyes of men, as no women are asked for their opinion on the beauties. The survey was conducted among men only suggesting that women’s beauty and sexuality is through the eyes of men and women themselves have no contribution to the way that they are seen. As well, it does not seek to find out how the women feel about this kind of attention. This article also defines women’s beauty in terms of their outward physical appearance.

Discussion Questions
1. Whose definition of beauty is portrayed in this article?
2. How are women and men portrayed in this article?
3. How do you think such articles impact on women, especially young women ?
Training exercises
1.      Interview female celebrities, people in the public eye. Ask them how they feel about the attention that they good. Write an article about this.
2.      Conduct a survey to find out what qualities women want in a man. Compare this against what the article suggests.
[The beauties who have previously won the Miss Tanzania Beauty Pageant crown Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe (2000), Nancy Sumary (2005), Wema Sepetu(2006) and Lissa Jensen who was in third place that year have been voted the most sexy Tanzanian women. A survey done by Amani over a long period of time has shown that these beauties are the cause of sleepless nights for many Tanzanian men while others swearing to give any amount of money to have them. The survey which drew opinions from different men countrywide has established that Jacqueline a.k.a ‘K-Lyin, Nancy, Wema and Lissa are the most beautiful women in Tanzania who draw double stares from the men who have seen them.
“They are very appealing and sexy. Here in Tanzania, I think there is no woman more beautiful than Wema, K-Lyin, Nancy and Liss. I would personally like to be in a realationship with Lissa but I hear she is already taken.”  said one man.
It is also alleged that some members of parliament, rich business men and company moguls are competing for the attention of the beauties with others spending millions in the process. A young man close to one of the business moguls said that his friend spent Tshs. 4 million in a bid to entice Wema but he did not succeed. “It seems that these girls do not use their good looks to solicit money from rich men. If that was the case they would have been misused by several men already because there are some beauties who put money before their integrity. My friend used a lot of money to win Wema. He promised to give her Tzshs. 4 million if she would agree to have sex with him only once.” He said.]

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