Women against women Abuse (WAWA), South Africa

Date: June 7, 2010
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sandanezwe says:

there is still more to be done in south africa about women abuse. we as women are beaten by males that we dont even know and when we press charges at police stations we are not taken seriously. and our cases are not even handled well, as a result our abusers walk free!!!

Tommy Khoza says:

Can you please send me telephone numbers of the marketing and communication officer or CEO of WAWA.

We would like to propose a partnering relationship regarding our annual program for raising awareness on women and child abuse in Limpop province during the 16 days of activism campaign

Looking forward

Tommy Khoza
marketing manager
Black House Wives League
084 982 3663

Dottie Marsh says:

Hi there…may i please have a NPO number for WAWA SA …

Nyamweda says:

About WAWA Support Group Women Against Women And Children Abuse

WAWA Support Group Women Against Women And Children Abuse is located in Gauteng, Toekomsrus and address is at Toekomsrus Police Station Retief Street.Phone is 116,937,200.Areas of interest includes: Law, Advocacy, and Politics.
– See more at: http://www.tutsea.co.za/organisations/4491/wawa-support-group-women-against-women-and-children-abuse#sthash.RWqg0GIM.dpuf

gerhsrd says:

My daughter has a court case pending against a male friend.there seems to be no support for these victims. Who can support them in court? ANCWL?

s n lalla says:

I have a friend who is in an abusive relationship. She wants to get out but does not know how. We’ve tried POWA but can’t seem to get anywhere. Can u perhaps help? She is desperate!!

Kulane says:

the biggest problem is that women will always be afraid to report abuse as there is not a trust relationship with the police

sindi mkhize says:

kindly advise if WAWA have offices in Durban, Abahlali Basemjondolo movement of South Africa women’s league looking for an organisation which can help people affected with all kinds of abuse in our communities.

Musa Dlamini says:

Can WAWA please help my mother in law she’s being verbally abused by her husband,her depression is on another level please……..

Ben says:

I know a woman who is so badly abused. She is so scared of him. He feeds her Cocaine, and has made her a drug addict. If I show you the photo’s you will cringe. Can I report it to SAPS on her behalf. He keeps her as a prisoner in his house.

Karen Nel says:

Homeless Shelters in CAPE Town especially Haven Night Shelters are abusing the homeless woman many with drug alcohol addiction Management male in these places are trading sexual favours for food chlothes or not jailing these woman when they arrive at shelters intoxicated or drugged If they sleep with the supervisors they are spared assualt and sexual abuse in jail at Central police station,CAPE Town working with Haven Shelters If not they are ABUSED in jail I have facts evidence to prove all Human rights orgarnisations in CAPE Town turn a blind eye to this very sick situation wish someone would care enough for these poor woman to investigate

sibusiso says:

#guns down against woman abuse
My name is Fighter, I need help
I have a friend who is currently been abused in every way possible.she was raped when she was young,and was helped by a royal family that made a deal with her family that when she get ‘s older,she will get married to their son.Who is protected by a group called (Iyinkabi)Zulu name. So now she’s been running for her life and unfortunately,She was captured June 2016 last month.She doesn’t want to get married to the other guy and she’s been forced too,By her family and the royal family.Now that she didn’t want too,18 July 2016 I found out that she was raped again and bitten up again and again.I was informed by someone who she trusted inside,he’s been updating me about her state of health and she is not doing well at all.also he’s concerned that she was threatened that if she tried to run away or tell anyone she will be killed .as I’m writing this she’s hospitalized fighting for her life,she can’t talk or move.I need help anyone out there please.

Nyamweda says:

Please kindly contact POWA. They can offer great assistance on the matter. Telephonic Support
Contact number: 011 642 4345/6
Email: itumeleng@powa.co.za
Counselling Support
POWA provides the following services to women who have experienced violence:
Individual face-to-face counselling
Group counselling and telephonic counselling
Short-term sheltering

Need urgent assistance from a person who is harassing my family.my mother wife sister children etc.

My name is Ms. Kenole Legote Content Producer. I would like a representative from Wawa who can speaks Setswana/Northern Sotho/Southern Sotho to join in our discussion for tomorrow morning at 10h22-10h35. We will discuss “Effects of abuse” in our Women’s health features.

Hoping that this email finds you in

Desiree says:

Please can you help me my father is a pastor and no one believes me. Me my brothers and sisters have been physically and sexually abused for so many years by this evil man he still has a church my mother died and he has remarried no I have suffered terrible trauma because of the abuse

Morning, do you have offices in Bloemfontein? Is there a possibility of establishing one . I have also realised that the church is also commanding the problem because they encourage women to have faith and pray more . They quote a scripture that their husband may change because of their conduct 1 Peter 3:1. My niece is abusive relationship but we don’t have or know organisation that help them


pheliswa says:

I’m pheliswa I’m in a abusive relations up fr many years ,this guy its taking advantage just because I’m not working well mi cant pay my own rent n look for my own kids last nyt? I wx neatly loose my teeth ,if I cn get a shrltr plc fr m n my kids please help m where yo go

Anonymous says:

Hi all I’m also in a abusive relationship when ever I try to leave I become a punching bag

Glenda says:

I would really like to volunteer for a NGO against woman abuse, how can I go abou it?

Nombulelo says:

I was physically abused by my boyfriend 2016 August 29.I was 4 months pregnant by then. I reported the case to the police,it’s still pending. I need counselling. May WAWA intervene so to get help for counselling and counselling fees will be paid by the abuser. WAWA please help me I need counselling because each time such video of abuse flashes my mind. Now the baby is born,I don’t want to have tears or sad before her.

Nyamweda says:

So sorry about your experience Nombulelo
Please kindly contact POWA. They can offer great assistance on the matter. Telephonic Support
Contact number: 011 642 4345/6
Email: itumeleng@powa.co.za
Counselling Support
POWA provides the following services to women who have experienced violence:
Individual face-to-face counselling
Group counselling and telephonic counselling
Short-term sheltering

Lesedi says:

Good day. I am an Editor for UNRECO digital magazine. We would like a representative from your organization to talk about domestic abuse and crimes of passion.


Ikno a 9years old girl was Ben rapping by is stap brother of 20years old please halp me to found where to reported this case

Nyamweda says:

Please kindly go to the police station to report the case. Go to the station commander and tell him/her that i have a case and one of the officers is saying it is a lie without even attempting to investigate


Because I try go to the police station close to the place of rap the officer I meet told me DAT case was lie but no body was reported DAT rap case only ikno the father of boy is retch man and FREIND of those police so the cover DAT family please halp me to found where to go reported this rap of 9years old girl DAT was Ben destroyed by 20years older stap brother

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