GL defines value for money as the judicious and strategic management of resources to enhance economy, efficiency and effectiveness of our work to promote gender equality and justice in Southern Africa. In 2011, GL expanded its Results for Change Manual to include VFM. In December 2012, the GL CEO attended a BOND workshop on VFM, and has subsequently run four in-house workshops on VFM. These have resulted in institutional case studies, housed on the GL website, and shared with partners at the November 2013 meeting of the Southern African Learning Partnership. Internally, we often explain VFM using the biblical parable of the talents (make use of what you have to leverage more) and encourage staff at every opportunity to get more bang for the buck (or pound!). GL is sharing its learning in this area to encourage partners to join the move for better use of resources, key to sustainability, good governance and ensuring that resources reach those for whom they are intended: the poorest of the poor.