Photo Fact file Country Mozambique Province/Region Gaza, Chibuto Baseline score  – 2011  42 Latest score – 2015 51 Population 81,454 Number of women councillors  1 Number of men councillors  5 Joined the COE programme  2011 Anchored Entrepreneurship Programme  Yes Summit 2015 Chibuto a urban council is the found in Chibuto district in Mozambique. It has […]

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Affaire Narayen v/s le cerveau

Port-Louis, 14 décembre : La phrase «J’aurais voulu que mes seins soient mon cerveau » imprimée en rouge sur des t-shirts, c’est l’une des dizaines de publicités que la Media Watch Organisation et Gender Links ont réussi Á  faire interdire avec le concours de Vidya Narayan. Cette publicité avait été placardée dans toute l’île sur des poubelles et même devant des bâtiments très connus comme l’institut de formation de De Chazal Du Mée (DCDM) Á  Quatre-Bornes, devant la mairie de Port-Louis, devant le théâtre de la capitale, devant le Jardin de Pamplemousses et sur d’autres poubelles.

Faire laver sa voiture par de jeunes femmes en maillot de bain

Name of the article: Faire laver sa voiture par les jeunes femmes en maillot de bain Name of publication: Le Dimanche/L’Hebdo Name of journalist: Jenilaine Moonean Date: 2 September 2012 Country: Mauritius Theme: Sex Skills: Perspective Genre: Sources GEM classification: Blatant Stereotype Description: L’ile Maurice a besoin de divertissement pour adultes a déclaré le directeur […]

Gender violence a rampant

Recent studies by Gender Links Botswana has revealed that ovr two thirds of women in Botswana (67) experience some form of gender violence in their life time.
The study says 44% of men admit to perpetrating violence against women . Roos van Dorp , Gender Links Program Officer told Global Post that while Botswana is doing enough to eliminate gender based violence , statistics still show that violence is still high and prevalent in the country.

Critical citizenry takes on advertisers in Mozambique

Critical citizenry takes on advertisers in Mozambique

Mozambican women’s and human rights organisations successfully managed to pressure Cervejas de Mocambique (CDM – Beers of Mozambique), the local subsidiary of South African Breweries, to withdraw sexist advertisements promoting its Laurentina Preta brand of dark beer.

What messages are adverts imparting?

Advertising is one mode of communication used to pass messages to audiences. While both women and men appear in media advertisements trying to sell products, women are more often seen than heard. This article seeks to find out why this is the case. It analyses representation of women and men in adverts, and the types of information each sex shares and discusses. This article will also look at the different products women and men advertise and the impact of this on the public.

International: Of poisonous lipsticks and pyramid schemes

While flipping through my iPad I came across this startling headline and corresponding information:

“Don’t Look Now, But There is Poison In Your Lipstick: In fact, there is poison in a lot of stuff you rub all over yourself every day, from shampoo to deodorant to, yes, lipstick.À

The content of the article appalled me. Those companies that provide us with lipstick, deodorant and shampoo are exposing us to a cocktail of harmful chemicals. Your morning routine will probably give you a loving kiss of aluminium, antifreeze, lead and a few other nasty products for good measure.

Thato Phakela – Lesotho

Thato Phakela – Lesotho

With the media training I acquired at Gender Links, I am now able to critique content, particularly when it comes to women’s issues. My knowledge base has increased tremendously and that makes me proud. GL has been an eye opener for me!

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Les publicités qui suscitent la polémique: Vendre a tout prix

Description:Si certaines publicités sont accrocheuses, d’autres fâchent, choquent ou font même l’objet de vives polémiques. Les plus scandaleuses affiches de United Colors of Benetton pour la campagne contre le Sida ou pour ‘international Year of Volunteers 2001, entres autres. La dernière en date a Maurice est la publicité pour couches-culottes de Bébé câlin ou on voit un bébé et le slogan « Occupe-toi de mes fesses ! »
Pour Loga Virahsawmy, directrice de Media Watch, « il faut savoir plaire Á  tous. Ce qui est de l’humour pour certains, peut être choquant pour d’autres. Les agences de publicité doivent bien peser les mots utilises quand elles traitent de sujets sensibles comme les bébés.

Gender and Advertising in Southern Africa

Gender and Advertising in Southern Africa

A ground breaking study on gender and advertising in Southern Africa, conducted by Gender Links, has revealed that women are more likely to be seen than heard; they predominate in billboards and still images and hardly feature in voice-overs; and it is in these still images that we see blatant stereotypes at their worst.

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