Climate Change

Climate Change


September 13, 2016 Themes: Agriculture | Climate change Programs: Climate change

The changing context and prospects for agricultural and rural development in Africa

A working paper from the joint evaluation if AfDB and IFAD policies and operations in agriculture and rural development in Africa. section 1 reviews the past failure to grow and the neglact of agriculture and the legacy left behind in terms of poverty and hunger, as well as the powerful role that agricultural growth can […]

Guidelines and checklists for mainstreaming gender in the public sector

This includes general guidelines to ensure resource allocation and recruitment take into account gender and that there is no discrimination in employment conditions. It includes guidelines to ensure policy formulation and priority development areas take gender into account and that a data bank with gender disaggregated information is established.

Compendium of Good Practices in Training for Gender Equality

The Compendium of Good Practices in Training for Gender Equality aims to make both an empirical and an analytical contribution to the field of training for gender equality. The Compendium offers in-depth information on 10 different good practices, including detailed outlines of training courses, examples of dealing with challenges and a collection of tools and […]


With a regional office based in the United Nations Complex, Nairobi, and country offices covering sixteen nations, with a presence in an additional ten countries, UN Women is well positioned to continue its work on gender equality in Eastern and Southern Africa. This report is a glimpse into some of the activities that have had […]

FOWODE Newsletter

This newsletter covers affirmative action in Uganda and performance of the agricultural sector in Uganda.

Tools for gender analysis

A guide to field methods for bringing gender into sustainable resource management. It examines transforming economies and changing gender roles. Improving problem identification, refocusing traditional tools and improving project design with techniques specific to gender as well as integrating gender in improved project management are all covered. The next steps for gender analysis to be […]



Madagascar, March 2016



Seychelles, February 2016

February 29, 2016 Themes: Agriculture | Business | Economics | Gender equality Programs: Gender Justice

Gender Awareness Budgeting: Gender Awareness Policy Appraisal – reproductive health

Budgets that are cognisant of gender disparities can help promote greater accountability for public resources, especially to women, who are more marginalised than men in decision making. The Gender Responsive Budgeting Initiative has been initiated in Zambia with the help of UN Women. The project commissioned appraisals for agriculture and health.

December 15, 2015 Themes: Agriculture | Economics Programs: Gender and Media Diversity Centre (GMDC) | Report