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Widow’s political pleas challenge traditional beliefs

Widow’s political pleas challenge traditional beliefs

By Lucia Makamure The outspoken comments by Barbara Hogan, the widow of Ahmed Kathrada, following his death have challenged the beliefs around mourning and widowhood in the African context. Hogan defied tradition by making her voice heard at her husband’s burial when she questioned the integrity of the President, Jacob Zuma. In an unprecedented  move […]

GL said #ZumaMustGo in 2009

GL said #ZumaMustGo in 2009

The gender politics of leaders is a litmus test of their performance in government. Soon after President Jacob Zuma’s election in 2009, we wrote an open letter stating that Mr Zuma was not fit to lead. The Mail and Guardian carried the Open letter to JZ on women’s rights . GL supports marches organised by […]

March for equality and justice must stretch to 365 days!

March for equality and justice must stretch to 365 days!

Gender Links joins thousands of organisations and communities around the world in calling for the “largest day of peaceful demonstration across the world” to be stretched into a year- long campaign for equality and justice. A Southern African organisation committed to equality and justice, Gender Links joined more than a million people around the world […]

Zimbabwe: Stiffer Laws on sex offenders Imminent

Government is working on legislation to provide mandatory sentencing for rape and sexual abuse after Cabinet unanimously agreed that there was need for stiffer sentences such as life in prison for perpetrators, Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko has said. Speaking at the commemoration of the International Day of the Girl Child and the launch of the […]

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Zikhethele: use the law to end domestic violence

This book was written to empower women who are victims of domestic violence to use the Act and other legal options to protect themselves. Information about the law and legal rights is one of the first steps in empowering victims/survivors of domestic violence. The information in this booklet is intended to assist the survivors to […]

Gender Equality

Gender Equality


Women and mediation

This booklet contains information for women about mediation. It was written to help women who are considering mediation or have been referred for mediation or have been or are subjected to violence. The booklet explains what mediation is and the tasks of the mediator and when one should go for mediation and when one should not. There is […]

Judicial Bench Book on Violence Against Women in East Africa

Violence against women and girls is disturbingly persistent and pervasive worldwide. Domestic violence affects one in three women worldwide, and is the greatest cause of morbidity in women and girls. It kills and injures more women and girls than anything else. Even though most of our Commonwealth member states have laws designed specifically to protect […]

Everyday heroes: Building a caring society together

This series of engaging and educational cartoon stories raises awareness of the Victim Empowerment Programme. The booklet consists of six episodes: Episode 1 Domestic Violence Episode 2: human Trafficking Episode 3: Abuse of persons with disabilities Episode 4: Abuse of older persons Episode 5: Sexual abuse Episode 6: Child sexual abuse  

Uganda Coalition on the International criminal court

Following the public demonstrations that have rocked the country in the past years most notably the Mabiira Forest anti-give away demonstrations of 2007, the September riots of 11th  2009  that followed Government’s refusal to allow the Kabaka visit Kayunga and the Walk-to-work demostrations which claimed more than 40 lives and destruction of property worth billions […]

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