Culture and Tradition

African Union: Economic Social and Cultural Council

The statutes of the Economic Social and Cultural Council The booklet contains the statutes of the AU’s Economic Social and Cultural Council in English and French. The 20 articles include objectives, composition, membership as well as structure such as committees. Finally, a draft decision on transitional arrangements for the launching of the Council completes the publication.

Communicating peace: Entertaining angels unaware

Communication rights and the ever more urgent need to construct a culture of peace are central to a vision of a world in which universal human values displace the accumulated weight of history’s tyrannies. Genuine communication is proposed as the only way to overcome the political, economic , social and cultural inequalities and violence that […]

Gender and racism: Double jeopardy for women

Race issues challenge fundamental issues of identity and beliefs. When race and gender intersect, there is a need for caution so all race groups are included.  This booklet contains papers on: The impact of apartheid on black women in South Africa which looks at the overlapping systems of oppression and another entitled Asian women caught […]

Are traditional midwives history?

This publication contains some insights from three conflict affected districts in Sri Lanka. It looks at the work of traditional midwives during conflict as well as traditional midwives treatment at child birth, the close dependence on the blessings of the goddesses and the basis of the skills acquired by traditional midwives. The support of their families […]

Private decisions, public debate: women, reproduction and population

Sensitive and flexible family planning services carry a high price tag. However, unless we meet the family planning needs of individuals we may have no choice in meeting the world’s development needs. Notably absent from this critical international dialogue are the voices of ordinary men and women. What do they want and need. This book […]

Country gender profile: South Africa

This report is intended to provide a summary and a comprehensive analysis of gender issues and problems. The specific aims are to: Summarise the comparative situation of women and men, with particular reference to their economic, social and socio-cultural , legal and political status; identify particular gender discrepancies in education, media and culture and urban […]

A summary of The Married persons Equity Act

The purpose of the Married Persons Equality Act is to remove some form of sex discrimination in marriage. This is necessary to bring Namibian law on marriage in line with the Namibian Constitution.

September 9, 2016 Themes: Culture and Tradition | Human Rights | Justice system Programs: Gender & Governance

Culture and Tradition

Culture and Tradition

Botswana, November 2010

September 9, 2016 Themes: Culture and Tradition Programs: Constitutional and legal rights

Culture and Tradition

Culture and Tradition

South Africa, April 2014

September 9, 2016 Themes: Culture and Tradition Programs: Gender Justice

National Committee on Violence against Women: Position paper

The booklet published by the Australian Cabinet office on the Status of Women contains positions on the following: Explanations for violence against women justification of violence against women Responsibility Class/ ethnicity Criminality Cultural sactions Mediation Counselling The role of the community Prevention