Zim: Where is the Gender in the Elections Agenda?

Zim: Where is the Gender in the Elections Agenda?

By Buhlebenkosi Tshabangu Moyo So we are going to have elections this year. We don’t have the date yet but if we go by the Constitution, we should have exercised our right to vote no later than August 21. Predictably, there are a lot of discussions on electoral reforms. These are very important discussions because […]

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Political parties and women’s political participation in Commonwealth Africa

Draft report on women’s political participation Six case studies reveal women’s political participation in Commonwealth Africa. Commitments to gender parity in politics are not new and countries plan to increase the number of female representatives. In 2005 under the Commonwealth Plan of Action countries committed themselves to a 30% threshold. In 1996 member countries were encouraged […]

Inclusive electoral processes: A guide for electoral management bodies on promoting gender equality and women’s participation

This guide covers inclusive electoral processes that promote gender  equality and women’s participation. Inclusive electoral processes: management bodies First of all, mapping electoral management bodies and committing to gender equality. Then examine the gender balance of electoral management bodies and create a gender sensitive culture. Addressing gender equalities in electoral processes Chapters include making electoral […]

A Twist in SA’s presidential elections

A Twist in SA’s presidential elections

Petronell Ngonyama Johannesburg, 21 July 2017: The African National Congress presidential elections has gained momentum on finding a suitable successor for the ruling party. Three women are officially contesting for presidency of the party. The gradual increase of female representation to run office particularly the national presidency seat shows that the events are taking a […]

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Gender parity elusive as Lesotho votes

Gender parity elusive as Lesotho votes

Final appeal for the election of women: “Yes we must and yes we can.” It is only a day to the 3 June 2017 Lesotho National Assembly elections. Maseru, 2 June: 2017 has seen more women participating in the National Assembly elections with a total of 409 women or 31% of all candidates for all […]

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SA falls short of gender parity targets at local level

Johannesburg, 6 December: Women’s representation in local government increased from 39% in 2011 to 41% in the 3 August 2016 local elections, falling short of South Africa’s regional and international commitments to gender equality. According to a report released by Gender Links today, in 2016, women comprised an all-time record high of 48% of PR […]

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Launch of SA Government local elections report

6 December In August 2016 South Africans went to the polls for local elections that left the ruling African National Congress reeling. But what has changed for women? Gender Links, South African Women in Dialogue, the South African Local Government Association and the European Union will launch an audit of Gender in the 2016 South […]

December 1, 2016 Themes: Elections Programs: Gender & Governance

US Election results a call to action for gender activists

10 November: The election of Donald Trump as the 44th President of the United States of America (USA) is a call to action to all gender activists to refuse to accept sexism in high office. The former businessman blazed his way to the White House with a slew of racist, sexist and xenophobic pronouncements that […]

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Gender monitoring report of 2002 general elections in Kenya

Discourse on freeness of elections now also examines the extent to which the electoral process enables the fullest participation of all eligible participants>With regard to kenya ist appears that men and women are not able to participate equally as candidates or voters which may account for the low level of women’s representation in public office. […]

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Words into action: The Namibian women’s manifesto

This manifesto aims to urge voters to consider issues that are important to women and children when selecting a candidate or party for elections; mobilise women as 51% of the electorate to actively participate in the elections; lobby parties to include at least 50% of women candidates on party lists and suggest the president increases […]