Emotional violence

Public giving and why it matters in ending GBV

By Debbie Harrison Yesterday was giving Tuesday – this day is celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) and the widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday. #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season, when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving. Seventy one countries participated in Giving Tuesday with $116.5 […]

November 30, 2016 Themes: Economic violence | Emotional violence | Gender violence Programs: Gender Justice

Botswana: Bitterness is gone

I am a 54 year old, married in 1992. I had four boys in the marriage and divorced in 2003. I looked down upon myself and had nothing to do until I met Gender Links (GL) and they educated us on abuse and how to move from being a victim to being a survivor.

November 8, 2016 Themes: Emotional violence Programs: 16 Days of Activism 2015 | Gender Justice

Socio economic costs of violence against women in Mozambique

Gender violence causes harm to society and the state. This study presents the socio-economic costs of violence against women within the family and the society, with the aim of documenting the process of calculating those socio-economic costs of violence against women in Mozambique, producing recommendations that should be taken into account when planning, budgeting and […]

The power of the pen-Action For Development Building Citizen’s Resilience in Promoting Violence Free Families and Communities in Apac and Oyam Districts

”The power of the pen” is a publication which highlights stories of people who may have lost hope in humanity without the intervention of ACFODE  through community-based initiatives that positively impacted their lives and encouraged them to persevere in the promotion of peace in their homes and communities.

Edwina Kapfudza – Zimbabwe

Edwina Kapfudza – Zimbabwe

Edwina Kapfudza recalls the day she met her ward councillor and how she was introduced to Gender Links (GL). This took place at a time when she least expected any help from anyone with regard to her experience of gender based violence (GBV). Prior to the introductions, the council held a meeting with the identified survivors of GBV. The idea was to know more about the women’s experiences of GBV before referring them to GL.

A study of the extent, nature and costs of domestic violence to the Mauritian economy

Commissioned by the UNDP, the objectives of this research were to determine the extent and nature of domestic violence in the country as well as to try to put a cost to it. It is clearly not a homogenous problem and varies according to age, religion, income and general beliefs within a family or community. […]

Women against violence breaking the silence: Reflecting on experience in Latin America and the Caribbean

The struggle against violence against women in the region brings together the objectives and strategies of the feminist movement. The movement has accumulated a wealth of experience in uncovering the scope of violence and the impact on women’s lives and making visible one of the most flagrant aspects of women’s subordination.   The feminist movement’s […]

A Training Guide for Building the Capabilities of Duty Bearers to Prevent and Manage Gender Based Violence

Duty Bearers Handbook for Prevention and Response to Gender Based Violence

Domestic violence awareness: Stop the cycle of violence

The laws in many states of the United States of America cover incidents of violence occurring between married couples as well as abuse of elders, abuse between room-mates, dating couples and those in lesbian or gay relationships. The abuser may also use a number of tactics other than physical violence to maintain power and control […]