Gender violence

The Safe Haven Halfway Home – Mauritius

The Halfway Home is a temporary shelter for teenage girls who are homeless due to abuse and rejection from family members. The Home welcomes residents coming from the Rehabilitation Youth Centre (RYC) in Mauritius and other children shelters. Reaching the age of 18, these teenage girls are no longer under the responsibility of the Gender […]

Changing Lives – Stories of Safe Haven Halfway Home Residents

Below are the stories of our residents : Dola* our first resident is 18 years old originally from Terre Rouge. At 13 she started smoking synthetic drugs and ran away from her home. She was locked in the Rehabilitation Youth Centre (RYC) (children prison), for one year and as soon as she got out, she […]

Beyond Access: Toolkit for integrating gender-based violence prevention and response into education projects

Integrating gender-based violence  prevention and response into education A toolkit for integrating gender-based violence prevention and response into education projects. This toolkit was prepared for USAID. Introduction GBV and USAID education strategy Integrating the GBV prevention response into education projects Measuring results and Conclusion Finally, a summary of resources as well as a list of terms

Empowering women – ending violence in Southern Africa

Empowering women ending violence Gender Links publication entitled Empowering women ending violence in Southern Africa. This summarises a pilot project targeting 1500 GBV survivors (15 to 20 survivors per council) in 10 Centres of Excellence for Gender in Local Government in each of 10 SADC countries. This publications summarises the project which focussed on an integrated approach of […]

Commonwealth Women’s Forum 2015 Report

Report of the Proceedings of the Commonwealth Women’s Forum 2015 The theme of the Commonwealth Women’s Forum provided a strong message regarding women’s empowerment. It’s theme ‘Women ahead: Be all that you can’ emphasises that gender equality is central to all aspects of policy development. The report demonstrates the continuing strength of our Commonwealth commitment to […]

Lutheran action against gender based violence

Gender based violence is a human rights violation and a form of discrimination against another person based on gender. The church is not immune to the scourge of gender based violence. It can play a major role in shaping societal norms and behaviours and play a role in ending this scourge. The Evangelical Lutheran Church […]

SADC Gender Protocol Barometer 2017

Now in its ninth edition, the 2017 Barometer is the first assessment of the Post-2015 SADC Gender Protocol. Moving with the times, the Alliance has also expanded the two main yardsticks in the Barometer. Both the SADC Gender and Development Index (SGDI) and the Citizen Score Card (CSC) are longer. The Barometer includes many MERF […]

Judicial Bench Book on Violence against Women in East Africa

Judicial Bench Book on Violence against Women in East Africa

Domestic violence is the greatest cause of death among women and girls worldwide. Although most Commonwealth member states have laws to protect the rights of women, implementation can prove difficult. The judiciary also plays a central role in enhancing and protecting women’s rights, and enforcing laws against women abuse. The Commonwealth commissions case law reviews […]

Economic Justice key in ending GBV

Economic  Justice key in ending GBV

By Mariatu Fonnah The Gender Links Sunrise Campaign in 10 Southern African countries, 100 local councils and among 1500 women has shown how empowering women economically makes a difference in the secondary prevention of GBV. Exildah Chinyama, a programme beneficiary from Solwezi in Zambia shares her story, “I experienced serious abuse because my husband was […]

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Stop Human Trafficking

Stop Human Trafficking

By Fanuel Hadzizi Gender Based Violence and human trafficking are related issues that affect a number of   women and children in Southern Africa . According to research carried out in the region women and children are exploited as sex slaves by pimps and the cases are quite prevalent in border towns surrounding  South Africa  where […]