Turning the tide: CEDAW and the gender dimensions of the HIV/AIDS pandemic

This booklet is a contribution to understanding how CEDAW can be put to work immediately to ensure that gender equality become a guiding principle in the fight against HIV and AID and fight not only to recognise women’s human rights but mirror them in legislation, decision making and all policies and plans and budgets. In […]

Act Now! Resource guide for young women on HIV/AIDS

Why is HIV and AIDS a gender issue? Chapters include those on: Getting the facts and myths and rumours The Global picture, stigma and discrimination Collective responses to HIV Recommendations for AIDS programmes Planning HIV/AIDS workshops for young women  

HIV/AIDS human resources and sustainable development

World Summit on Sustainable Development 2002 in Johannesburg. The impact of HIV and AIDS on human resources and development is examined and the various ways forward are outlined.

Reproductive and mental health issues of women and girls under situations of war and conflict in Africa

Proceedings of an experts group consultation in Nairobi, Kenya 4-5 August 1994 sponsored by UNIFEM’s African Women in Crisis Umbrella Programme (AFWIC) and UNICEF ESARO.displaced and refugee women in situations of war and conflict have special needs for gynecological and maternal health care and mental health counselling to address the effects of sexual abuse, pregnancy […]

Are traditional midwives history?

This publication contains some insights from three conflict affected districts in Sri Lanka. It looks at the work of traditional midwives during conflict as well as traditional midwives treatment at child birth, the close dependence on the blessings of the goddesses and the basis of the skills acquired by traditional midwives. The support of their families […]

HIV/AIDS and the South African Media: Workplace policies and programmes

This exploratory study was designed to provide data as to whther South African media institutions have responded to the need to develop corporate policies to limit the impact of HIV and AIDS and to protect the rights of employees living with HIV and AIDS. The research findings are supplemented by a set of basic recommendations […]

Women and health: mainstreaming the gender perspective into the health sector

Report of the Expert Group Meeting 28 September – 2 October, 1998, Tunis (Tunisia). The Beijing Platform for Action calls for a fundamental change in social and health care decision-making. It requires the mainstreaming and integration of gender concerns into decisions regarding health care. There are clear signs that shifts are taking place. A framework […]

Abortion and family planning

A newsroom guide to abortion and family planning is designed to provide quick access to basic information and to give reporters and editors further resources – through notes and lists of contacts – to research and report on the issues of family planning and abortion.

Private decisions, public debate: women, reproduction and population

Sensitive and flexible family planning services carry a high price tag. However, unless we meet the family planning needs of individuals we may have no choice in meeting the world’s development needs. Notably absent from this critical international dialogue are the voices of ordinary men and women. What do they want and need. This book […]

Directory of health systems research: Reproductive health research in South Africa

It is necessary to ensure there is no duplication in research as well as a to link new researchers to experienced ones. and therefore this directory of reproductive health systems research was compiled. It covers adolescent sexuality, teenage pregnancy, contraception and family planning and maternal and child health. There is a lso a section on […]