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Women’s Month: Demanding action & results

Women’s Month: Demanding action & results

Johannesburg, 3 August: This August, Gender Links (GL) joins South Africa in commemorating Women’s Month under the theme “The Year of OR Tambo: Women united in moving South Africa forward.”  Every  year South Africa sets aside the month of August not only to celebrate Women’s Month, National Women’s Day, but also to pay tribute to […]

Gender equality was close to Mandela’s heart

Gender equality was close to Mandela’s heart

By Tarisai Nyamweda Johannesburg, 18 July:Today the world celebrates the life of one of the world’s most iconic figures Nelson Mandela. This year we celebrate Mandela Day under the theme “Action against poverty”. Mandela Day presents a great opportunity to revisit commitments made to advancing gender equality. Mandela believed “Freedom cannot be achieved unless women […]

July 18, 2017 Themes: Human Rights Programs: Gender and Media Diversity Centre (GMDC)

10 December marks the end of the Sixteen Days

10 December is International Human Rights Day. It marks the close of the Sixteen Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence. 10 December is also the twentieth anniversary of the South African Constitution that delivered the promise of gender equality and the right to bodily integrity. As we end the Sixteen Days and move into […]

December 9, 2016 Themes: Gender violence | Human Rights Programs: Gender Justice

International Human Rights Day

10 December Human Rights Day is observed every year on 10 December. It commemorates the day on which, in 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In 1950, the Assembly passed resolution 423 (V), inviting all States and interested organizations to observe 10 December of each year as Human Rights […]

December 1, 2016 Themes: Human Rights Programs: Gender Justice

Women’s Human Rights Defenders Day

29 November Defending Women Defending Rights is an international campaign launched in 2004 for the recognition and protection of women human rights defenders who are activists advocating for the realization of all human rights for all people. The campaign asserts that women fighting for human rights and all activists defending women’s rights face specific violations […]

Communicating peace: Entertaining angels unaware

Communication rights and the ever more urgent need to construct a culture of peace are central to a vision of a world in which universal human values displace the accumulated weight of history’s tyrannies. Genuine communication is proposed as the only way to overcome the political, economic , social and cultural inequalities and violence that […]

Turning the tide: CEDAW and the gender dimensions of the HIV/AIDS pandemic

This booklet is a contribution to understanding how CEDAW can be put to work immediately to ensure that gender equality become a guiding principle in the fight against HIV and AID and fight not only to recognise women’s human rights but mirror them in legislation, decision making and all policies and plans and budgets. In […]

Everyday heroes: Building a caring society together

This series of engaging and educational cartoon stories raises awareness of the Victim Empowerment Programme. The booklet consists of six episodes: Episode 1 Domestic Violence Episode 2: human Trafficking Episode 3: Abuse of persons with disabilities Episode 4: Abuse of older persons Episode 5: Sexual abuse Episode 6: Child sexual abuse  

Values, education and democracy: School-based research report: Opening pathways for dialogue

This report outlines the findings of school-based research exploring the way that educators, learners and parents think and talk about values in education.The study affirms previous research that claims that the process of rebuilding the post-independent state must reach to values and a decolonisation of the mind.Without purposeful intervention the state is conceding to colonial […]

Values, education and democracy

The promotion of the values of equity, tolerance, multilingualism, openness, accountability, social honour in schooling is the central argument of this report of the Working Group on Values in Education. These values derive from the Consititution and educational philosophy and are influential in determining the national character to which South Africa as a democracy aspires. […]

September 16, 2016 Themes: Children | Education | Human Rights Programs: Gender and Media Diversity Centre (GMDC)