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Lesotho: Domestic Violence Bill, hope to ending GBV

Lesotho: Domestic Violence Bill, hope to ending GBV

Maseru, 14 May: Lesotho is developing a Domestic Violence Bill 2018 in an endeavour to counter the rampant acts of Gender Based Violence (GBV) that have rocked the country. This comes after the previous bill was not enacted into law for many years. This bill has been discussed with relevant stakeholders including the Ministry of […]

Amarightza: Socio-economic justice for all- SEJA

Socio-economic justice for all Amarightza: Socio-economic justice for all is about human rights and responsibilities to each other. Amarightza covers the Bill of Rights in the South African Constitution. It is also aims to raise awareness of human rights. Finally, the goal is human dignity, equality, human rights and freedoms.

The Safe Haven Halfway Home – Mauritius

The Halfway Home is a temporary shelter for teenage girls who are homeless due to abuse and rejection from family members. The Home welcomes residents coming from the Rehabilitation Youth Centre (RYC) in Mauritius and other children shelters. Reaching the age of 18, these teenage girls are no longer under the responsibility of the Gender […]

Changing Lives – Stories of Safe Haven Halfway Home Residents

Below are the stories of our residents : Dola* our first resident is 18 years old originally from Terre Rouge. At 13 she started smoking synthetic drugs and ran away from her home. She was locked in the Rehabilitation Youth Centre (RYC) (children prison), for one year and as soon as she got out, she […]

Zikhethele: use the law to end domestic violence

This book was written to empower women who are victims of domestic violence to use the Act and other legal options to protect themselves. Information about the law and legal rights is one of the first steps in empowering victims/survivors of domestic violence. The information in this booklet is intended to assist the survivors to […]

Uganda Coalition on the International criminal court

Following the public demonstrations that have rocked the country in the past years most notably the Mabiira Forest anti-give away demonstrations of 2007, the September riots of 11th  2009  that followed Government’s refusal to allow the Kabaka visit Kayunga and the Walk-to-work demostrations which claimed more than 40 lives and destruction of property worth billions […]

September 14, 2016 Themes: Constitutional and legal rights | Justice system Programs: Gender & Governance

Women and the law: Conference report

The law society of South Africa was a major milestone in uniting the attorney’s profession. This focused on integration on the basis of achieving equity on racial grounds. Transformation with regard to gender was gradually placed on the agenda and the LSSA Gender Committee has approached the transformation of the attorney’s profession with urgency,. The […]

The Married Persons Act Equality Act (Act 1 of 1996)

The provisions of this part shall apply to every marriage in the community of property, irrespective of the date on which such marriage was entered into.

September 9, 2016 Themes: Gender equality | Human Rights | Justice system Programs: Gender & Governance

A summary of the combating of rape Act

A new law on rape called the combating of rape Act came on force in Namibia in June 2000. This law is one of the most progressive laws on rape in the world.

A summary of The Married persons Equity Act

The purpose of the Married Persons Equality Act is to remove some form of sex discrimination in marriage. This is necessary to bring Namibian law on marriage in line with the Namibian Constitution.

September 9, 2016 Themes: Culture and Tradition | Human Rights | Justice system Programs: Gender & Governance