Peace building

Human trafficking an obstacle to peace

Human trafficking an obstacle to peace

By Melody Kandare Johannesburg 04 October: This past month of  September the world celebrated its International day of Peace on the 21st of September, a day declared by the General Assembly and devoted to strengthen the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples. The United Nations declared 2017s theme as “Together […]

October 4, 2017 Themes: Peace building Programs: Peace building and conflict resolution

TESO Initiative for peace: Voices for peace in Teso and Karamoja

Peace work, as one can imagine , is a complex task. Most of the time, more than two conflicting parties must be unified and the interests of various actors need to be met in order to reach a consensus for peace. The other way round; when some development is announced in a peace building process, […]

The church of the province of Uganda: Peace and social justice policy

Peace and social justice are at the heart of the Gospel of the good news of Jesus Christ and as such, the Church of Uganda is fully committed to the principles that promotes fair treatment and social justice to its staff and congregation. We in the church of Uganda believe that fair treatment and Social […]

African Renewal Vol 29 No 1

This is a special issue on gender. The feature article of this publication covers the important subject of keeping girls in school. Millions of girls remain out of school.This article claims that the gender gap has narrowed but progress is starting to stall. There is also an article entitled “Gender equality within reach: some progress […]

Learning by sharing: The Secretary-Genderal’s report on the implementation of the Commonwealth Plan of Action on Gender and Development

This report is an evaluation of the work done by the Commonwealth through the plan, to promote equal opportunities and outcomes for women and men at all stages of their lives. This provides an opportunity for countries to learn from each other’s experiences in promoting best practices. All efforts need to be redoubled to mainstream gender at all levels.

African Journal on Conflict Resolution

Articles include one on challenging structures through addressing gender based violence in mediation which looks at West Africa and offers suggestions as to which issues should be taken into account. A transformative peace process that includes women in post conflict planning could remove risks and transform cultural practices that constrain women’s participation. There is also […]

Transitions from war to peace in sub-Saharan Africa

This book is based on a study of the demobilization and reintegration of military personnel in Africaas well as supporting country studies. It provides a window on the complex political, economic and socio-cultural transitions that face many countries.

Women at the peace table: Making a difference

This work examines various aspects of the importance of having women involved in peace talks. The first chapter looks at drawing on the strengths of the women’s movement in South Africa and Northern Ireland as well as negotiating equality during post conflict reconstruction. The second chapter deals with confronting discrimination and the question as to […]

Gender violence

Gender violence

South Africa

The Examiner: Access to justice

This magazine contains articles covering access to justice within the communities and challenges for human rights defenders in northern Uganda where the struggle against human rights violations continues. The challenge is to respond to the demand for peace, which is the only route to justice. There is also an expose on conditions in prison and an article on mob justice.