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Lesotho: Domestic Violence Bill, hope to ending GBV

Lesotho: Domestic Violence Bill, hope to ending GBV

Maseru, 14 May: Lesotho is developing a Domestic Violence Bill 2018 in an endeavour to counter the rampant acts of Gender Based Violence (GBV) that have rocked the country. This comes after the previous bill was not enacted into law for many years. This bill has been discussed with relevant stakeholders including the Ministry of […]

Why I fight for all spaces to be safe for women

Why I fight for all spaces to be safe for women

By Colleen Lowe Morna Gaborone, 12 June: Something happened to me last week that reminded me of why I do the exhausting and often thankless work that I do. It was a simple but not so simple matter that strengthened my resolve to “take back the night” and never apologise for doing so to those […]

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No excuse for men getting away with murder

No excuse for men getting away with murder

By Colleen Lowe Morna Johannesburg, 24 May: On Sunday 28 May, women around South Africa will dress in black and wear red lipstick in honour of the women who have been brutally murdered in the name of love. Under the hashtag #GodCreatedWoman they are part of a new movement – “the All Black and Red […]

A summary of the combating of rape Act

A new law on rape called the combating of rape Act came on force in Namibia in June 2000. This law is one of the most progressive laws on rape in the world.

Ravaging the vulnerable: Abuses against persons at high risk of HIV infection in Bangladesh

The Human Rights watch publication covers the abuses against sex workers, men who have sex with men and injection drug users. State responses are examined and recommendations are made with regard to reform of the law enforcement system and the expansion of the national effort against HIV.

Socio economic costs of violence against women in Mozambique

Gender violence causes harm to society and the state. This study presents the socio-economic costs of violence against women within the family and the society, with the aim of documenting the process of calculating those socio-economic costs of violence against women in Mozambique, producing recommendations that should be taken into account when planning, budgeting and […]

Creating a conducive learning environment for girls in schools

Schools are traditionally expected to be safe haves for children irrespective of their sex. Recent media report indicate that schools are constantly violating children’s rights. it is unfortunate that sexual harassment against the girl child is on increase in the schools.

A study of the extent, nature and costs of domestic violence to the Mauritian economy

Commissioned by the UNDP, the objectives of this research were to determine the extent and nature of domestic violence in the country as well as to try to put a cost to it. It is clearly not a homogenous problem and varies according to age, religion, income and general beliefs within a family or community. […]

A Training Guide for Building the Capabilities of Duty Bearers to Prevent and Manage Gender Based Violence

Duty Bearers Handbook for Prevention and Response to Gender Based Violence