Africa: Not yet Uhuru!

Africa: Not yet Uhuru!

By Lucia Makamure Johannesburg, 25 May: On this day in 1963, the Organisation of African Unity (OUA) now known as the Africa Union (AU) was founded in Addis Ababa with a commitment to free the continent from colonial rule and to improve the living standards across member states. Fifty-five years later, so much has changed […]

The Safe Haven Halfway Home – Mauritius

The Halfway Home is a temporary shelter for teenage girls who are homeless due to abuse and rejection from family members. The Home welcomes residents coming from the Rehabilitation Youth Centre (RYC) in Mauritius and other children shelters. Reaching the age of 18, these teenage girls are no longer under the responsibility of the Gender […]

Changing Lives – Stories of Safe Haven Halfway Home Residents

Below are the stories of our residents : Dola* our first resident is 18 years old originally from Terre Rouge. At 13 she started smoking synthetic drugs and ran away from her home. She was locked in the Rehabilitation Youth Centre (RYC) (children prison), for one year and as soon as she got out, she […]

Unlocking Africa’s Potential: The relationship between effective governance and poverty

The impact of more effective governance on poverty reduction Firstly, this research aims to demonstrate the impact of more effective governance on poverty reduction. The priority of the Sustainable Development Goals is to improve human development outcomes. At the heart is poverty reduction. The first target is to eradicate extreme poverty for all people. Goal […]

Rude son whipped_ The voice

Rude son whipped_ The voice

Words into action: The Namibian women’s manifesto

This manifesto aims to urge voters to consider issues that are important to women and children when selecting a candidate or party for elections; mobilise women as 51% of the electorate to actively participate in the elections; lobby parties to include at least 50% of women candidates on party lists and suggest the president increases […]

MDG 2014 Report: Assessing progress in Africa toward the Millennium Development Goals

Analysis of the common African position on the post 2015 Development Agenda. The common African position (CAP)’s overarching goal is the eradication of poverty and African development priorities that underpin the global development agenda. The Cap is anchored by six pillars: structural economic transformation, science and technology, people-centred development, environmental sustainability and peace and security […]

The status of women in the South African economy

The report details the present situation of women within the South African economy as well as giving an insight into trends that are discernible in the data. In this way it is possible to see where South Africa has been successful in enabling women’s full participation in the economy and where it is necessary to […]

The changing context and prospects for agricultural and rural development in Africa

A working paper from the joint evaluation if AfDB and IFAD policies and operations in agriculture and rural development in Africa. section 1 reviews the past failure to grow and the neglact of agriculture and the legacy left behind in terms of poverty and hunger, as well as the powerful role that agricultural growth can […]

More power, less poverty

Novib’s gender and development policy until 2000. Current criteria for evaluating good gender practices in applications for funding Internal policy development Advocacy and campaigns departments

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