Sexual violence

No excuse for men getting away with murder

No excuse for men getting away with murder

By Colleen Lowe Morna Johannesburg, 24 May: On Sunday 28 May, women around South Africa will dress in black and wear red lipstick in honour of the women who have been brutally murdered in the name of love. Under the hashtag #GodCreatedWoman they are part of a new movement – “the All Black and Red […]

Let’s fight sex-related violence (GBV gender aware)_Zambia Daily Newspaper_13 April 2015

Name of article:  Let’s fight sex-related violence (GBV gender aware) Name of Publication: Zambia Daily Mail Newspaper Date: 13 April 2015 Country: Zambia The story calls on stakeholders to fight sex related cases which are on the increase in Zambia. This story is gender aware story that gives an account of the experience of a […]

South Africa: Zapiro cartoon misses the mark

South Africa: Zapiro cartoon misses the mark

Johannesburg, 18 March: Zapiro is at it again. Yes, again because he had a similar cartoon in 2008. The popular cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro (Zapiro) has revived his 2008 cartoon, just different players now. Zapiro’s latest cartoon published in the Daily Maverick, shows two men and one woman pinning down a woman wearing a South African […]

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Press Release: “Hyena” Jail sentence is a failure to justice for women and girls in Africa

22nd Nov 2016 / Lilongwe – Malawi Women’s human rights organization alongside cultural and religious leaders from African countries currently meeting in Lilongwe, Malawi have condemned in the strongest terms the “lenient” sentence passed on a man arrested for knowingly sexually violating women and allegedly infecting  them with HIV-Aids. On Tuesday evening after the two-year […]

Zimbabwe workplaces unsafe for women

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has revealed that the country’s workplaces remain unsafe for female employees who are stalked by vices such as sexual harassment, job insecurity and lack of empowerment. In a study titled: “Future of Women at Work Initiative,” the ILO established that women are victims of unpaid work, low wage jobs and […]

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An analysis of selected press coverage of violence against women: Appendix

An appendix to the Media Monitoring Project’s analysis of press coverage of violence against women with research undertaken by the University of the Orange Free State

A case study analysing the media coverage of the ‘Baby Tsepang’ rape case

Prepared by the Media Monitoring Project for Gender Links, based on the brief to specifically analyse the way in which key factors in the case were represented by the press and to identify themes emerging from the case. Many questions about the role of the media in this case were raised. The case study perpetuates […]

Judicial Bench Book on Violence Against Women in East Africa

Violence against women and girls is disturbingly persistent and pervasive worldwide. Domestic violence affects one in three women worldwide, and is the greatest cause of morbidity in women and girls. It kills and injures more women and girls than anything else. Even though most of our Commonwealth member states have laws designed specifically to protect […]

A synopsis of SGBV in the print media

This report profiles findings of the study on sexual and gender based violence cases reported in the print media. The aim is to generate information that can be used in public education about the problem of violence against women in Uganda. The media plays a key role in creating awareness about the problem of gender […]

Everyday heroes: Building a caring society together

This series of engaging and educational cartoon stories raises awareness of the Victim Empowerment Programme. The booklet consists of six episodes: Episode 1 Domestic Violence Episode 2: human Trafficking Episode 3: Abuse of persons with disabilities Episode 4: Abuse of older persons Episode 5: Sexual abuse Episode 6: Child sexual abuse