Documentation of pluralism within the women’s movement in Uganda: Re-echoing of women activists, sustaining women activists

The Uganda women’s movement has stood the test of time and is a strong social movement challenging historical cultural traditions and the deeply entrenched patriarchal system.  Given a strong national and pluralistic women’s movement Uganda has been able to register progress towards gender equity. However, the women’s movement is said to have recently become polarised […]

Outras Vozes

Articles on a male history of sexuality and the resolution of cases of domestic violence as well as looking at justice through a feminist perspective and the psychological effect of violence against women. There is a communique on the attempts to control women’s clothing as a way to control HIV and an opinion piece on […]

Citizen’s Report Card on Citizen’s satisfaction with family planning services

This was conducted in two districts of Gulu and Luwero to measure citizen’s satisfaction with family planning services, using a citizen’s report card. A citizen’s report card is one type of the social accountability tools, which citizen’s can use to demand improvement in the quality of provision of public services. The citizen’s report card provided […]

August 31, 2016 Themes: Health | Sexuality Programs: Research | Research Project

Where is the money for family planning services in Uganda

Family planning is one of the components of the Uganda minimum health care package which is the cardinal reference in determining the allocation of public funds and other essential inputs. There is considerable amount of effort by government of Uganda to support family planning in Uganda, for example, the second Health Sector Strategic Plan targeted […]

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Contesting Masculinities: A Study of Selected Texts of Resistance to Conscription into the South African Defence Force (SADF) in the 1980s

The theoretical framework for this thesis and analysis of primary texts revolves around the problem of conscription into the South African Defence Force (SADF) in the 1980s. The ideology of masculinity that underpinned and sustained the practice of conscription is referred to throughout as the hegemonic version. This term is interchangeable with others, namely masculinism […]

May 23, 2016 Themes: Conflict | Sexuality | War Programs: Gender and Media Diversity Centre (GMDC)

Agenda: Gender and disability

The contents of this issue of Agenda include: Gendering disability and disabling gender: critical reflections on the intersectionality of gender and disability Understanding the complex stigmatisation of women with intellectual disabilities in their vulnerability to gender based violence A case example of gender and disability stereotypes in the courtroom Women with disabilities in leadership A […]

South Africa: #Virginity Testing Must Fall!

South Africa: #Virginity Testing Must Fall!

Durban, 01 April 2016: The popular #FeesMustFall, a radical student movement, has been calling out for free, quality education for all. Yet the movement has been strangely silent on young women being asked to barter their virginity for school fees. Indeed, many seem to have forgotten about the recent saga of “The Maidens Bursary,” offered […]

Côte d’Ivoire : Constance Yaï, une femme qui milite pour mettre fin aux pratiques culturelles néfastes

Côte d’Ivoire : Constance Yaï, une femme qui milite pour mettre fin aux pratiques culturelles néfastes

Par Augustin Tapé Abidjan, 28 mars : Pendant des décennies, elle s’est battue pour le respect des droits de la femme. Elle, c’est Constance Yaï qui, à travers son association pour la défense des droits de la femme, a réussi à obtenir des résultats faisant la fierté des Ivoiriennes. Pour mieux connaitre cette grande dame de […]

South Africa: Addressing SRHR vital for youth

South Africa: Addressing SRHR vital for youth

Durban, 3 March 2016: Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) play a major role in the lives of young people, enabling them to decide freely and responsibly on all aspects of their sexuality. Last week, the AIDS Foundation of South Africa hosted its annual Regional Learning and Sharing Conference in Durban, under the theme […]

Bénin : La femme, la première accusée dans les cas de stérilité dans le couple

Cotonou, 14 janvier: La fécondité de la Béninoise demeure encore relativement élevée puisqu’elle donne naissance en moyenne Á  4,9 enfants durant sa vie féconde, selon l’Enquête Démographique de Santé de l’Institut National des Statistiques et de l’Analyse Economique datant de 2012. Les mêmes sources évoquent une fécondité précoce relativement élevée, soit 94% chez les 15-19 ans, qui augmente très rapidement pour atteindre son maximum Á  25-29 ans Á  251% et qui, par la suite, décroît régulièrement pour atteindre 17% chez les 45-49 ans. Mais un certain nombre Béninoises sont privées du bonheur de l’enfantement en raison de la stérilité dans le couple.