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The LUX Project – Empowerment Training for Women in Cite Mangalkhan, Mauritius

This project will holistically help women to come out of their precarious situation through an Empowerment programme. This will help them be less vulnerable to depression, discouragement, violence, unemployment and other health and social ills. The project has been launched on the 14th of March in line with the International Day of Women 2017. 24 […]

Farewell messages for Albert

January 21, 2017 Themes: Young Women Programs: GL Services

Mam Viv’s Farewell

January 20, 2017 Themes: Young Women Programs: GL Services

Act Now! Resource guide for young women on HIV/AIDS

Why is HIV and AIDS a gender issue? Chapters include those on: Getting the facts and myths and rumours The Global picture, stigma and discrimination Collective responses to HIV Recommendations for AIDS programmes Planning HIV/AIDS workshops for young women  

Making waves: media’s potential for girls in the Global South

Girls are slowly becoming a growing priority for the international development community and they are investing in girls’ empowerment. The interplay between gender and media has been investigated with regard to girls in the Global North, but the role the media plays in girls’ lives in the South needs more study. This policy briefing seeks […]

September 21, 2016 Themes: ICT's | Media | Young Women Programs: Gender and Media Diversity Centre (GMDC)

Gender and AIDS Almanac

An easy to use resource on the various factors that contribute to the HIV and AIDS pandemic, focusing particularly on the role that gender plays in contributing to the vulnerabilities of women, men and children. The almanac provides the reader with an understanding of the broader global implications of HIV and AIDS and the relationship […]

Directory of health systems research: Reproductive health research in South Africa

It is necessary to ensure there is no duplication in research as well as a to link new researchers to experienced ones. and therefore this directory of reproductive health systems research was compiled. It covers adolescent sexuality, teenage pregnancy, contraception and family planning and maternal and child health. There is a lso a section on […]

The emergence of the adolescent in Zambia: The health policy response challenge

Adolescent health is a primary element in the long term development of a country. the analysis of adolescent sexual and reproductive health in this document clearly demonstrates a lack of efficient policies in the zambian context. The threat posed by HIV and AIDS has galvanised the creation of an institutional sector of governmental and non- […]

Where is the money for family planning services in Uganda

Family planning is one of the components of the Uganda minimum health care package which is the cardinal reference in determining the allocation of public funds and other essential inputs. There is considerable amount of effort by government of Uganda to support family planning in Uganda, for example, the second Health Sector Strategic Plan targeted […]

August 31, 2016 Themes: Health | Sexuality | Young Women | Youth Programs: Book | Health | Report

Learning Journey: A passion for learning

“You just need to have a passion for learning,” Claudia Rakotonirina Time spent at Gender Links (GL) is always an opportunity to learn and to share. 2015 was a memorable year for me both at a professional and personal level.  As a programme officer of GL Madagascar, my tasks at the office are varied but […]