The LUX Project – Empowerment Training for Women in Cite Mangalkhan, Mauritius

This project will holistically help women to come out of their precarious situation through an Empowerment programme. This will help them be less vulnerable to depression, discouragement, violence, unemployment and other health and social ills. The project has been launched on the 14th of March in line with the International Day of Women 2017. 24 […]

Farewell messages for Claudia

January 21, 2017 Themes: Youth Programs: GL Services

Linking generations through radio: A toolkit from Africa for radio with children and youth

This toolkit was designed for radio producers working with children and youth. The toolkit contains sections on how get youth involved as well as ethics and consent issues when working with children. There are sections entitled: Radio for youth Radio with youth Radio by youth    

September 19, 2016 Themes: Children | Media | Youth Programs: Gender and Media Diversity Centre (GMDC)

Gender and AIDS Almanac

An easy to use resource on the various factors that contribute to the HIV and AIDS pandemic, focusing particularly on the role that gender plays in contributing to the vulnerabilities of women, men and children. The almanac provides the reader with an understanding of the broader global implications of HIV and AIDS and the relationship […]

Values, education and democracy: School-based research report: Opening pathways for dialogue

This report outlines the findings of school-based research exploring the way that educators, learners and parents think and talk about values in education.The study affirms previous research that claims that the process of rebuilding the post-independent state must reach to values and a decolonisation of the mind.Without purposeful intervention the state is conceding to colonial […]

The emergence of the adolescent in Zambia: The health policy response challenge

Adolescent health is a primary element in the long term development of a country. the analysis of adolescent sexual and reproductive health in this document clearly demonstrates a lack of efficient policies in the zambian context. The threat posed by HIV and AIDS has galvanised the creation of an institutional sector of governmental and non- […]

Youth vision 2062

Vision 2062 is the voice of Uganda’s young people about their dreams of a transformed Uganda in the next 50 years. The vision seeks to guide the public, private sector and government on how to focus their energies to achieve the vision. This call for all citizenry to be part of actualizing the thought, ambitions […]

Where is the money for family planning services in Uganda

Family planning is one of the components of the Uganda minimum health care package which is the cardinal reference in determining the allocation of public funds and other essential inputs. There is considerable amount of effort by government of Uganda to support family planning in Uganda, for example, the second Health Sector Strategic Plan targeted […]

August 31, 2016 Themes: Health | Sexuality | Young Women | Youth Programs: Book | Health | Report

Youth Policy analysis Uganda, 2012

This documentation presents the findings of policy analysis undertaken in connection with the ‘Nurturing the young trees to make a thick’ project. This pilot project aims to promise peace, reintegration and the protection of children and youth affected by the prolonged conflict.

The youth voice

The youth voice news letter continues to bring insights of all the major events ans echoing messages of interest from the youth as they encourage other peer’s participation through stirring up energy among the youth with the aim of becoming more resourceful.

August 1, 2016 Themes: Business | Education | Employment | Entertainment | Media | Youth Programs: Media | News | Resources