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Collecting, connecting, collaborating

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The GMDC is a physical and virtual resource centre that aims to create and disseminate knowledge on gender, media and diversity. The centre collects information, connects people with relevant information and promotes collaborative projects between partners who consist of media development NGOs, knowledge and training institutions. The centre is managed by Gender Links (GL) working with an advisory group drawn from the membership. Only members who have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the GMDC are eligible to sit on the advisory group. The centre is run by an advisory group that meets twice a year. The Centre publishes a monthly electronic newsletter aimed at keeping partners informed of its work.

The GMDC is a coalition of gender and media development NGOs, activists and media and knowledge institutions. The Centre aims to create a diverse, responsive media and critical citizenry that is able to hold the media accountable. The GMDC does this through three strategies: knowledge creation and dissemination; investing in future media producers and through public debates on issues of gender, media and diversity issues. The GMDC facilitates dialogue and resource sharing through its CoP.

The GMDC is evolving to anchor the Southern Africa arm of the Global Alliance on Media and Gender (GAMAG). GL is chairing the first ever GAMAG International Steering Committee (ISC). GAMAG is a more a more than 800 member global coalition of gender and media activists actively campaigning for the realisation of the targets of Section J of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (BPFA). The Africa Union of Broadcasting and the Southern African Broadcasting Association lead the Africa and Southern African chapters of GAMAG.

The GMDC creates and disseminates knowledge through the:

  • Diversity Exchange monthly newsletter;
  • Community of Practice
  • Virtual Resource Centre that houses online databases of media highlights/alerts and clippings;
  • Online databases of research, audio-visual resources and publications.

Click here for an overview of programme work in the latest 2015 annual report.



Investing in the future:

Working with institutions of higher learning the GMDC coordinates the Centres of Excellence for Gender in Media Education (GIME), which seeks to bridge the gap between gender mainstreaming in media practice and content and journalism training.

The GMDC holds regular seminars on gender, media and diversity. Seminar topics have included gender and transformative leadership; gender and Soccer 2010; gender media freedom and access to information. Through the media literacy programme, the centre equips citizens with skills to actively engage with the media