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GL through the Gender and Media Diversity Centre seeks to “connect, collect and coordinate” debate and dialogue, knowledge generation and sharing and capacity building on key gender, diversity and media issues in SADC using an online Community of Practice (COP) for Gender and Media. This will contribute to the attainment of SDG 5 – gender equality.

The COP builds on best practices on gender in the media from the GL and Southern African Broadcasting Association (SABA) fifth Gender and Media Summit 2016. It will house a wealth of knowledge resulting from the GMPS that included monitoring 27,000 news items; gender and diversity research conducted by students; online resources on gender and media diversity; an analysis of news items collected in the GMPS 2015 including artefacts as well as the GEM Summit entries.

This project adds value to innovative ways of teaching already used in journalism education especially use of technology to promote dialogue across countries of the region; share and engage in student research; curate and engage with use contemporary case studies.   Access to this platform will enhance the journalistic skills; add to the knowledge society and contribute to improvement of journalism education.

The COP is also an opportunity to enhance freedom of expression for both students and lecturers through dialogues and debates. It will also provide opportunities for journalism and media trainers to facilitate knowledge sharing and exchange as they show case progress in mainstreaming gender in their institutions.

This project is in line with IPDC’s Special Initiative on Knowledge-Driven Media Development, which highlights the importance of generating and sharing of knowledge to advance media development, and has special relevance to an inclusive approach to strengthening journalism education worldwide.

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