The case studies and alerts database is an online resource centre for trainers, educators, journalists, gender and media activists and students. The database consists of gendered analyses of media products such as news, features, opinions, editorials, advertisements etc. The media alerts are written as training resources and include an analysis of the articles and links to other training resources. The media article under analysis is attached as a jpeg to the case study. Media alerts and highlights may be searched using the following criteria:
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(The GL Gender and Media classification system highlights whether an article illustrates a blatant or subtle gender stereotype; is gender aware or gender blind. Click here to read more on the GEM classification.)
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SABC 1: DA campaign Billboard

Brief Scene Description Democratic Alliance releases a campaign billboard with the names of people who died during the Life Esidimeni care, the children who fell in the pit latrines, amongst them those who died in the Marikana incident. The billboard elicited criticism from ordinary citizens and political analyst, however, the DA leader Mmusi Maimane refused […]

SABC 1: Teenagers on a mission

  Brief Scene Description Teeneagers talking to the importance of formal education.

ETV: Cool Cats – 20/22/2018

    Brief description of scene: The Cool Cats went into an imaginary world where they were as small as ants. Smarty, Kitty Cat, Cat nap and Wild Cat.    

SABC 1: Generations_The Legacy _transgender experiences

      Scene brief Description The story shows how a transgender woman named Wandi who desires to have children draws closer to her goal by artificial insemination. She pays a woman to be the surrogate mother and hopes that the process becomes successful. Regardless of the tension between the characters in relation to the […]

ETV: Rhythm City Ep 2992 – 25/12/2018

  Brief description of scene:                                              Bra Kop in this story or episode is in a pain and bitterness towards Gadifele who just got medical parole for killing his wife. Therefore, Bra Kop is […]

ETV: News @ 9 Sports News & Comment Analysis- 04/12/2018

  Brief description of news story: Ada Hagerberg is honoured with an award of the best female soccer player. During the award collection and celebration session a male host asks her if she could twerk. This request sparked outraged and social reaction across the globe. E TV in their sport news covered the story, but […]

SABC 2: IEC allows prisoners to vote 22/01/2019

This shows historical footprints where women were written off or totally forgotten. Although the number of women prison in south Africa is small in compared to the overall prison population, women inmates seem to be neglected or ignored.  The news clip is shows the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) assisting male prisoners to register their votes in order to vote. Several inmates were interviewed to get their […]

SABC 2: Pitch black afro 15/01//2019

SA rapper Pitch Black Afro’s murder case postponed.

SABC 1: News Mdantsane church Corporal Punishment

    A brief description of the news story: The story is about two videos that were trending on social media showing two young women in their 20s being beaten with a pipe by the house mother of Endumisweni Faith Mission church in Mdantsane, Eastern Cape. It’s alleged the girls had gone to the cinema […]

SABC 2: Banyana Banyana 15/01/2019

Promoting equality of voice across topics SABC 2 Tsonga/Venda News Banyana Banyana to play in Winnie Mandela and Albertina Sisulu Tournament. 15 Jan 2019

SABC 1: News Zimbabwe protests on the economy.

  A brief description of the news story: The soldiers patrolled in the Harare city while Zimbabwean citizens demonstrated over the country’s collapsing economy. Banks, schools and businesses stayed shut a day after the protests turned deadly. Three people were killed on the previous day’s unrest which the government labelled as acts of terror and […]

Mzansi-Magic The Queen 21/01/2019

Thabiso rapes Goodness after a failed proposal.