The case studies and alerts database is an online resource centre for trainers, educators, journalists, gender and media activists and students. The database consists of gendered analyses of media products such as news, features, opinions, editorials, advertisements etc. The media alerts are written as training resources and include an analysis of the articles and links to other training resources. The media article under analysis is attached as a jpeg to the case study. Media alerts and highlights may be searched using the following criteria:
* Country
* Theme
* Skills
* GEM classification
(The GL Gender and Media classification system highlights whether an article illustrates a blatant or subtle gender stereotype; is gender aware or gender blind. Click here to read more on the GEM classification.)
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  • For example if you want to search for all Gender Blind articles in SA, choose SA from Country, choose Gender Blind from GEM classification, leave everything else as is and click the SEARCH button
  • If you want to find all items from April 2017, choose the month April 2017 under Date, leave everything else as is and click on the SEARCH button.
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