Research and advocacy have provided GL with useful information on gender gaps in the media leading to more informed and structured training initiatives. GL seeks to empower media practitioners with gender analysis skills and to build citizens capacity to hold media and governments accountable.

The training work has taken several dimensions including the development of a wide array of training materials and tools; short courses on different themes like gender violence, HIV and AIDS, gender, elections and the media  and gender and economic reporting. In 2006, GL piloted a media literacy course for the general public in South Africa. This has since been extended to different targets groups in the region including school going learners, women in politics and journalism and media trainers. GL is taking forward the findings of the Gender in Media Education (GIME) audit through Centres of Excellence for mainstreaming gender in media education.

Gender Links also offers tailored thematic gender and media training packages using a wide array of tools developed in the last 15 years.