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  • 15 Country Barometers

    15 Country Barometers

  • Eight regional Barometers since 2009

    Eight regional Barometers since 2009

  • Nine regional gender networks

    Nine regional gender networks

  • 15 country networks

    15 country networks

  • Eight sessions of the CSW since 2009

    Eight sessions of the CSW since 2009


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The Southern Africa Gender Protocol Alliance is a regional “network of networks” that championed the adoption of the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development (2008) and its review in 2015.The chairperson and GL Board Member Emma Kaliya is a recipient of the Drivers of Change award in the leadership category. In 2005, women’s rights organisations in Southern Africa started a campaign for SADC Protocol on Gender and Development. Adopted in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2008, the SADC Gender Protocol brings together all the existing global and continental commitments to gender equality and enhances these through specific targets and timeframes. Watch video to learn more about the Alliance work.

Originally aligned to the Millennium Development Goals, the Protocol has been updated and aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals, Beijing Plus Twenty, and the Africa Agenda 2063. The Post 2015 Protocol, adopted in August 2016 in Swaziland is now cross referenced with other SADC Protocols. Click on one of the tabs below for more information on the Alliance.