Advocacy, campaigns and resources

The Alliance has played a critical role in making citizens, especially women, aware of, and empowering them to claim their rights through the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development.

The Alliance has in the past eight years ran successful advocacy campaigns including the most recent one on the Post 2015 agenda which has seen the Protocol being reviewed in line with the SDGs, Beijing Plus Twenty Review and the African Union Agenda 2063. In 2012 the Alliance launched a Petition for an Addendum to the Protocol on Gender and Climate change. In 2015 the Alliance integrated this into the bigger Post 2015 campaign. The governance cluster has achieved positive shifts in the number women in sitting in parliament, municipal councils and national cabinets.

Following the ratification of the Protocol in three years (2008 to 2011- record time by SADC standards) the Alliance has moved ahead full steam to lobby countries that have not signed (Mauritius and Botswana) to do so, as well as get all countries to ratify. By December 2011 nine of the 13 countries that signed had ratified. The Alliance has produced a wide variety of resources including simplified versions of the Protocol in 23 main indigenous languages. The Attitudes survey is used to gauge changes in gender attitudes. The Protocol quiz is used to test how much is known about the Protocol. Each year, thousands of SADC citizens rate their government performance using the Citizen Score Card.  The Alliance has held dozens of village level workshops.