Prior to 2013, GL held separate Gender Justice and Local Government  and Gender and Media Summits. Since 2013, GL and the Alliance have held annual SADC Gender Protocol@Work summits, bringing together work in all the ten theme areas of the Protocol. Gender Protocol Barometers have showcased practical examples of positive change from the ground. In 2016 GL carried out an analysis of SADC Protocol@Work summit entries on Sexual and Reproductive Health which can be viewed here. You can also download an analysis of case studies from 2017 and 2018 here.

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You can view a list of the case studies from the Protocol@Work summits below. You can also search the case studies by country, category, year and language. You can choose a particular country or a particular year, or you can choose of combination of any of the 4 options. Click on the down arrow next to the option and make your choice. Then click on the search button and the results will display below.

Madagascar: Commune Urbaine Betioky Sud

Betioky sud dia isan’ireo distrika 9 mandrafitra ny faritanin’ny Toliara. Manana velaran-tany 354 Km2izy izay misy mponina 30 371 ka 13 559 amin’izany dia lehilahy ary 16 849 vehivavy. Mizara ho fokontany 27 ny kaominina. Manana sekoly fanabehazana fototra izy ary sekoly ambaratonga faha roa iray. Efa hatramin’ny 2013 izy no isan’ireo ivon-toerana mendrika. Aminin’ny […]

Madagascar: Commune Rurale de Sabotsy Namehana

Ny tanànan’i Sabotsy Namehana dia 20 km miala an’ Antananarivo renivohitra. Ny tanàna dia fanta-daza amin’ny  tsenam-barotra lehibe. Ny ankamaroan’ny mponina ao dia miasa amin’ny sehatra tsy miankina sy mpiasam-panjakana avokoa. Ny kaominina dia nanaraka ny dingana rehetra ao amin’ny maha-ivon-toerana mendrika ary efa manana drafitr’asa momba ny Miralenta sy ny ady amin’ny herisetra. Fananganana […]

Madagascar: Commune Urbaine Manjakandriana

47 kilometatra miala ny Renivohitra no misy ny kaominina Ambonivohitr’i Manjakandriana. Mihisa 202 771 ny mponina ao aminy, ary manana sekoly ambaratonga voalohany 15 sy sekoly ambaratonga faharoa 3 izay mizara ao anatin’ny tanàna 24. Ny loharanom-bolan’ny mponina dia ny fambolena, fiompiana ary ny fitrandrahana ny ala. Tao aorian’ny fametrahana ny drafitr’asa momba ny miralenta teto […]

Mauritius: Beau Bassin Municipal Council – Claudia Marengo

2017: At the start, Claudia started her business as a caterer at a very small scale. When she followed the entrepreneurship training with mentor, Mantee in the region of Cite Bakly, she was very interested to improve her business.  In 2018, Claudia got the idea of starting her micro-enterprise when she noted that there was […]

Mauritius : Beau Bassin Municipal Council – Sandra Gangiah

2017: At the start, Sandra was very unsure about the business she wanted to do. She heard that people was buying items on wholesale and selling them in retail. The idea of doing a similar business crossed her mind and she went in the capital city of Port Louis to locate the place where items […]

Mauritius: The Ripple Project

The Ripple Project is an initiative of Djemillah Mourade-Peerbux, a citizen of Mauritius, which began in 2016. Her journey began on the day when she went to buy hygienic products for around 10 women with Rs1000 and could buy products for only 2 women. She realised that basic hygienic products, such as sanitary pads and […]

Mauritius: The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation

The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation is a non-governmental organisation which implements projects on plant conservation and habitat restoration both in Mauritius and Rodrigues. It is primarily concerned about the conservation and preservation of endemic plants and animal species (birds, reptiles etc). The ecosystem is being destroyed due to urbanisation. Only 1.5 % of the Mauritian land […]

Mauritius: The wind of Change in Savanne by a motivated Councillor

The project was initiated by Priscilla Bignoux after she delivered a course to people in the region of Souillac. The project seeks to tackle the problem of domestic violence affecting many families through training sessions. The aim of the project was to pass a message of non-violence. It aims to preach the idea that both […]

Mauritius: RAISE BRAVE GIRLS – For a free and a fair society for girls in Mauritius

RAISE BRAVE GIRLS (RBG) believe that as a society, we treat risk differently when it comes to boys and girls. We tend to caution our daughters more than our sons. That caution, that over-protection, is what signals girls early on to think that they’re not brave enough when indeed they are. So the organisation is […]

Madagascar: Commune Rurale Anjozorobe

90Kilometatra miala an’Antananarivo renivohitra no misy ny Kaominina ambanivohitra Anjozorobe. Mirefy 512 km² ary ahitana mponina miisa 25 600, 24 fokontany. Raha mikasika ny fotodrafitrasa fampianarana, Anjozorobe dia manana sekoly ambaratonga fototra miisa 32, sekoly ambaratonga faharoa roa ary anjerimanontolo iray tsy miankina, manana tolotra fitsaboana ho an’ny daholobe miisa 2 ihany koa. Nanatevin-daharana ny Ivon-toerana […]

Madagascar: Commune Rurale Anjom’Anankona

Ao anatin’ny faritra Matsiatra Ambony no misy ny Kaominina ambanivohitra Anjoman’Ankona. Ny kaominina dia mirefy 104 km2ary ahitana fokontany miisa 11. Nanatevin-daharana ny Ivon-toerana Mendrika nanomboka ny taona 2011. 55%n’ny mponina  dia vehivavy avokoa ary ny ankamaroan’ny mponina dia mivelona amin’ny fambolena sy fiompiana. Anjoman’Ankona dia manana sekoly ambaratonga voalohany miisa 11 ary sekoly ambaratonga […]

Madagascar: Commune Rurale Anjinjaomby

Ny kaominina ambanivohitr’i Anjinjaomby dia ao amin’ny faritra SAVA, 30 kilometatra miala ny distrikan’i Sambava. Miisa 8.740 ny mponina ary mirefy 224 km², malaza amin’ny famokarana vanille. Raha mikasika ny fanabeazana, ny kaominina dia manana sekoly ambaratonga voalohany 1, sekoly ambaratonga faharoa 1 ary “Lycée” 1 Fametrahana komity ny miralenta ataon’ny ny kaominina ka hahazoan’ […]