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Citizen Scorecard

Gender Attitudes 

Knowledge of the Protocol

SADC Gender and Rights


The Citizen Score Card (CSC) gives ordinary men and women the opportunity to hold their government accountable. It also ensures that women and men engage critically with the provisions of the Protocol. It comprises 40 key provisions of the Protocol. Women and men score their governments on a scale of one to ten. This is converted to a percentage.

The Alliance administers the Gender Progress Score (GPS) which measures the level of gender attitudes in the SADC region across all sexes. The GPS developed by Gender Links, which coordinates the Alliance, includes a standard set of questions to gauge gender attitudes. In 2016 GL added questions on contentious areas such as polygamy; choice of termination of pregnancy; sex work and sexual orientation. The 25 questions are scored on a scale of one equals least progressive to four equals most progressive to give an overall score of 100.

The SADC Gender Protocol Quiz aims to assess the level of Protocol knowledge amongst SADC citizens. The quiz is administered to an enumerated sample of citizens and data is analysed through Google data studio linked to Survey Gizmo. Gender Links coordinated the data analysis while SADC Gender Protocol members administer the quiz.

The Gender and Rights Score Card (GRS) is an assessment of Constitution and Legal Rights in relation to gender equality in each of the SADC countries. The Scorecard assesses a country’s performance on Constitutional rights, special measures, domestic legislation, equality in accessing justice, marriage and family rights, persons with disabilities, widows and widowers’ rights, the girl and the boy child. These are Articles 4 to 11 of the SADC Gender Protocol.