The Barometer comprises 15 country one regional publication that has tracked progress in achieving the targets of the SADC Gender Protocol since 2009. The Southern Africa Gender and Development Index (SGDI) introduced in 2011 is based on empirical data for 23 indicators. This is complemented by the Citizen Score which gives ordinary citizens an opportunity to hold their governments to account. Case studies of the SADC Gender Protocol @ Work provide qualitative insights on how the SADC Gender Protocol is used as a tool to promote gender equality. With SADC Heads of States expected to adopt a Post-2015 Protocol in August 2016, the Alliance will update and strengthen research tools used in the Barometer.

CLR-barometerIn the 2016 Barometer, the Alliance reviews the 23 empirical indicators that have been used to measure progress in achieving gender equality in the region through the SADC Gender and Development Index, and suggests many more indicators that can be added to this basket from the 56 gender indicators in the SDGs, as part of strengthening the Action and Results Agenda 2030. The next fifteen years beckon us to probe deeper, to ask why progress is so slow, and to go beyond superficial solutions. For this reason, the 2016 Barometer features the first ever Southern Africa Gender Attitude Survey that reminds us that even as we tick the boxes on policies, laws and budgets, long term and lasting change depends on changes in gender attitudes that surreptitiously but systematically undermine the gains we are making. Download the preface, executive summary and Attitudes Survey report. You can also download the executive summary in French and Portuguese. You can buy individual chapters of the 2016 Barometer for R100 per chapter.

Ch 1: Constitutional and legal rights
Ch 2: Gender and governance
Ch 3: Education and training
Ch 4: Economic justice
Ch 5: Gender based violence
Ch 6: Health
Ch 7: HIV and AIDS
Ch 8: Peace building and conflict resolution
Ch 9: Media, information and communication
Ch 10: Gender, climate change and sustainable development
Ch 11: Implementation

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