Gender and Media Diversity Centre

Date: November 2, 2010
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As part of building formal relationships with the key constituencies of the GMDC, the centre recently signed a memorandum of understanding with The University of Botswana, The Polytechnic of Namibia and The International Women’s Media Foundation. It is anticipated that all pending MOUs will be signed before the end of November. To date, there are 22 Advisory Group members, comprising five institutional members with official MOUs.

At the Advisory Group Meeting on October 12, many potential members expressed interest in becoming official partners. This will include access to the Gender Links Experiential Learning Programme, publications exchange, training, and potentially curriculum and policy development.

The upcoming journal, GMDJ 9: Gem Summit and awards: Taking Stock, is currently being compiled with the vast case studies and essays explored at this years Summit. The publication is due for release in late December or early January.



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